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Friday Review: Sherlock Holmes

I’ll admit to reading the Sherlock Holmes books a number of times as a kid, though I always found the idea of a mind completely ruled by science and calculations and unswayed by emotions rather unappealing. Still, Mr Dreamy wanted to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, so off we went.

The Good:
I laughed out loud once. I don’t remember what the joke was, but it must have been good.
The men’s clothes are gorgeous. Suitably historical, but with an appealing twist that makes you want to run out and dress your guy in tweed and corduroy from head to toe. And not a plaid tweed coat in sight!


Love that wide-wale corduroy jacket!


The Bad:
The film is clunky and awkward, lurching from one situation to the next. The final ‘solution’ to the mystery is based on the clues of a murder that Holmes could not have known anything about according to the logical and chronological flow of the film.
The whole story revolves around Holmes’ much speculated upon relationship with Irene Adler. Sadly, Rachael McAdam, much as I usually love her, is completely miscast as Adler. She is too young, too sweet, too soft and altogether implausible. There isn’t a shred of chemistry between her and Holmes.
The Ugly:
To add insult to injury, McAdam’s costumes are a million times more awful than the the men’s clothes are good. McAdam’s ensembles are satin from head to toe (satin? During the day?), ill cut, and unflattering.
Ugh. Could they have at least ironed out the ill fitting wrinkles in photoshop?

I got the sense that the costume designer was chosen for her ability to do menswear, and wasn’t as comfortable with feminine attire, so overcompensated with shiny fabrics and frills.


Gah! Blinding!

Unfortunately, there aren’t many pictures of McAdam’s costumes online yet. She does wear one amazing coat based on a Worth evening coat, but alas, even that is ruined because she wears it as daytime streetwear.
The Verdict:
Wait for it to come out on DVD. And hope the sequel is better.
And yes, there will be a sequel. The ending didn’t so much leave it open for one as blast away the door and most of all four walls of the ‘sequel’ room with TNT, just in case the audience couldn’t take a hint.