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Madness – with an UPDATE!

As you can imagine, with the Pompeii to Paris talk happening tomorrow I am madly sewing. It’s mostly just rearranging hooks at this point, but that still takes a lot of time.

I am also getting prepared to be interviewed on RadioNZ. Pretty exciting huh? I’m hoping that they will put the recording online so you can all listen to it. I’ll let you know tomorrow. If I have time…
If I am not so tired that like Felicity, I find the nearest box to drape myself over and fall asleep.


UPDATE: My interview is up on the internet, go have a listen before it disappears!


  1. ideasinforum says

    Looking forward to the talk tomorrow! I just randomly stumbled upon it somewhere online and it's happening right next door to my flat. What are the odds? Anyways I am sure it will be captivating. Will it be okay to take photographs?

  2. muerk says

    I loved listening to your interview on Radio NZ Concert. Sadly I live in Greymouth so I can't come to your talk 🙁

  3. BaronessVonVintage says

    EXCITING!! That picture is sooooo funny! Good luck tomorrow!

  4. zhozho22 says

    Hope all goes well with your talk Leimomi, wish I could be there, but I am sure you will take lots of photos. Regards Jo-Anne Knowles

  5. jackiead says

    Love that cat, she has the cutest poses!

  6. The Dreamstress says

    Ideas, it will be great to have you, and do feel free to take photos!

    Muerk, I'm sorry you can't make it, but keep an eye out in case I make it down to the South Island.

  7. Lady Liz says

    It's a hard life for a cat, isn't it?! The U.S. East Coast is a little far to travel to the event, but I did the next best thing…listened to the radio interview…it was great! Best of luck with the talk, you'll have to post some photos!!

  8. Margravine Louisa says

    the cat is amazing, and so too, is it's mistress- have a fab time!

  9. GentlewomanThief says

    Good luck for tomorrow, Leimomi!

  10. MrsC says

    It was SUCH a good interview, you were fantastic 🙂 Yesterday at work I was tidying up my email folders and found that there were a couple from you in my junkmail folder! Including the one about getting the interview. If I'd seen it you'd have heard me whooping across town! 🙂
    SO proud, can't wait for this afternoon xo

  11. Paul Miller says

    Listening to the interview now – you are so fabulous in this and the interviewer deserves credit for really giving the subject some time.

  12. jackiead says

    Finished listening to radio interview. I did not know the Pompeii excavation had the influence it did on the fashions of the 18th and 19th century. Your knowledge of fashion history is fascinating. Wish I could of attended your Pompeii to Paris talk, but living several thousands of miles away that is not possible.

  13. MrsC says

    It was wonderful! 🙂 I'm not surprised Mme Dreamstress hasn't blogged about it today as she's probably draped over a box, like Felicity! 😉 She looked A-Mazing, and the models were really good. It really was a case of coming together on the day, and we had a good sized crowd too. 🙂 Silly moi forgot her camera or I'd blog about it myself!

  14. Dawn says

    Just finished listening to the radio interview – wonderful job!

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