Grandma’s blue dress: a photoshoot

This dress belonged to my grandmother.  It’s made of an interesting early synthetic fabric, and has a matching bolero jacket that I rarely wear.

I love the dress though.  It fits me perfectly, and it’s such a stunning colour.  I can’t quite figure out the date – it’s such a classic cut.  Anyone want to make a guess?

That hat was also Grandma’s: I own a dozen or so of her hats.

I love this hat so much!

The suitcase was Mr Dreamy's Nana's

It was a very windy day. I feel like a pin up sketch with my dress blowing against me

A non-period accessory!

The blue is so fantastically vivid against the grey

And the rest of the photos:

The photography was done by Sarah and Madame Ornata, but alas, there was a great deal of handing-around of cameras, and I can’t recall who took what photo in every case!  They are both excellent photographers though!

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  1. Atlanta says:

    I love those photos! And the outfit! Too cute!

  2. Paul Miller says:

    I think early sixties. Looks great with the hat.

    • Thanks! I was thinking early 1960s too, but I just found a bunch of mid 1940s patterns with this exact cut, based off Balenciaga’s Summer 1943 collection, so even if my Grandmother’s dress is 1960s, it confirms my thoughts that it is just a really classic, timeless cut. I’m thinking I might make a copy of it with clear 1940s trim as it’s so simple and suits me so much.

  3. Wonderful selection of scenery and props. The dress itself is beautiful, and the hat perfectly complements it.

  4. Steph says:

    Make a copy! Such a pretty dress, I think my favorite picture is the fourth row, middle shot. You look like a pretty lady from an old movie, miraculously in color.

  5. jackiead says:

    Every item on this ensemble is stunning put together. Love the color and simplicity of the print. I wish we still worn those darling little hats. Does it feel like your channeling your grandmother, wearing her dress and hat?

  6. Gail says:

    That dress is gorgeous. I love the photo with you grabbing the suitcase. It’s perfect. The lighting and composition was awesome.

  7. MrsC says:

    It could be as late as the early seventies though – middle aged and older kiwi women were wearing dresses like this ‘for best’ right up into the late seventies. It’s an iconic 20th C dress indeed. And WOW love that sapphire blue on you!!!!!!!

    • It can’t be early seventies, as Grandma was much too big for it by the 70s. In fact, now that I think about the sizing, the more an early date seems plausible. I have a evening ensemble of G’s that is early 60s (I have the pattern too) and it is definitely a few sizes larger). Of course, there is a small chance that the dress may not have been Grandmas. I should poll the aunts and see if any of them remembers it.

  8. Theresa says:

    Stunning dress, color, setting — and love the red lips! I think you’re living in the wrong decade… :)

  9. Lauren says:

    You look stunning!!!

  10. A lovely dress–and a great photoshoot to showcase it! Well done!

  11. Caroline says:

    Such a cute dress, and you look really lovely. I also loved the choice of accessories! I made a dress very similar to that, except it was in a monstrous fabric which warped and got ruined when I put in the zipper. It still makes me frustrated now! It’s lucky that your grandmother kept these dresses, I’d love to see the 60s dress you mentioned too!

  12. Isis says:

    Beautiful! Lovely blue colour!

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