Greek key shoes – swoon

As we all know, I’m really into Greek keys.

My current Greek key  obsession is these evening boots:

Evening boots, 1885-90, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Evening boots, 1885-90, Metropolitan Museum of Art

I lurve them.  Everything about them.  The red heels.  The invisible side lacing.  The curlicues between the Greek key borders.  The way the Greek keys turn on the toes.  The stripe up the front.  Happiness.

There is a stripe up the back too.  Happiness.

Evening boots, 1885-90, Metropolitan Museum of Art

It’s more of a platonic lurve from afar though.  Like the way you drool over a hot celebrity, but actually don’t want to meet them in person and would just blush and freak out and disappear yourself if they showed up in person and approached you.

I like the idea of the shoes, but really, I couldn’t handle them in person.  It’s just too much shoe for me.


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  1. MrsC says:

    They are too much shoe for anyone, which is maybe why they are in such fantastic condition – they never got worn! heheh

  2. Isis says:

    I would wear them… :D

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