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Five for Friday: Summer- Autumn-Winter-Spring-Summer-Again 2019 Catch up Edition

Here’s a big catch up post of things I’ve been doing in the last 8 months year (this post has been a long time in the writing!):

1. I cut 13″+ off my hair  

I have crazy Rapunzel hair, and this year it got to be so long that I couldn’t even bun it properly, and so I put it in a braid (so I could keep the braid and use it for historical hairpieces) and went to my hairdresser and said “whack it off”

He said: “how much?” I said “Oh, about 8 inches. Just above I put the middle hairband.” He said: that’s a little more than 8″, are you sure? I said “Yep” and he cut it off (and then made it all pretty).

And then I took the braid home and measured it, and it’s 13″, braided!

Here’s what it looks like post-chop:


Well, looked like. The chop and photos was actually a few months back (in fact, the week after my last Five for Friday post).

So many months that it’s already grown back at least 7″!

Like I said, crazy Rapunzel hair…

2. Drawing crazy costumes with my Toi Whakaari costume construction students.

This is Captain Clash:


Her superpower is that she can turn anything plaid!


Although the course is construction based, we do a little costume design, so I did this as a demonstration exercise in figure drawing for costume design, and creating different textures with watercolours. The design was a collaborative effort of awesome-awfulness….

3. Making pies with my mother in law:

Pies are the best part of of Thanksgiving…


The last one is our own invention, combining an American strawberry pie, and a NZ louise slice. We call it Strawberry Louise Pie. And it’s so, so good…

4. Buying bright yellow boots.

My old pair of winter boots finally gave up the ghost, after 8 years of service. So I went boot hunting. And bought bright yellow boots with bees on!

And you know what? Bright yellow goes with everything, and makes winter so much better.


They are by NZ shoe brand Minx, and are called ‘Bees Knees’, but I think they are sold out.


And designing T-shirts:



(this is a reference that is more obvious in some countries than others, sorry).


  1. Polly Stevens says

    What does it mean? I’ve googled it and in the uk it just brings up a bus route in either London or Macclesfield!

  2. sixer says

    Dewey decimal classifications (i.e. library catalog numbers) for costuming and textile arts, respectively ^_^. Love the shirt – it’s absolutely brilliant.

    • Polly Stevens says

      That’s hilarious and pretty niche! I used to work in a bookshop where we used dewey but I’d have never guessed that. Thank you for enlightening me x

  3. Elise says

    Hair is SUCH an important resource. Looking forward to seeing how you reuse your own hair! What this done, historically? I have fine, but strong hair. When I was pregnant and breastfeeding, I grew my hair because it would be my best hair. Then, I donated it and have been “shingled” ever since.

    Your boots are swell. And how neat that you get to blend your HI and NZ cultures with delicious food.

  4. Oooh, quick, quick, before Spamhaus decides it doesn’t like my IP again! 😀
    I’ve seen those boots, I remember now, and I’m a bit envious because mine are boring black…
    … on the other hand, I’m guessing you don’t get much snow? We don’t always, but it’s always a possibility, so I look at those and am glad of my taller black ones. I never know when I might need them, especially living at the edge of town as I do now. 😀

    Captain Clash is hilarious.

    Pies look delicious and I think I’ll start badgering you for the recipe. (Consider badgering commenced. Or should it be marmotting in my case? 😀 )

    Miss Fiss is always pretty.

  5. Wow, I wish our winters were mild enough to get away with boots like that! I usually manage to find something sort-of stylish-ish, but they have to be tall enough to hit at least the upper calf (we get LOTS of snow) and filled with fuzzy/felty fabric for warmth (gotta stay warm in -15F), so that eliminates a lot of possibilities.

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