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Come hear me talk about corsets at Fibre Fest at Te Manawa

TVEO1, 1900s Edwardian corset

On Sunday the 8th of March I’ll be part of Fibre Fest at Te Manawa in Palmerston North, talking about corsets and corset history

WWI era corset, 1910s corset, Rilla corset, corset pattern

Buckram & Bones: Corset Materials & Construction 1700-1930

Explore the construction techniques and materials used in support undergarments, from cane & whalebone stays in the 1700s, through corded Victorian corsets and the introduction of front busks, to the move towards streamlined unders in the 20th century.   You’ll get to see original historical corsets from Toi Whakaari’s historic costume collection, and handle reproduction stays & corsets by Leimomi.  

I’m on at 1!

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