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Cooking in 1916

Come and hear about the Fortnight in 1916!

I’ve blogged about the Fortnight in 1916 a great deal, but haven’t yet spoken about it publicly yet in Wellington.  Time to remedy that! Join me at the Petone Settlers Museum next Saturday, the 24th of September, at 11 am, to hear me talk about my experiences in the Fortnight in person, see me in a typical outfit from 1916, and handle some of the items I wore and used. The talk will be followed by morning tea. And I have no objection whatsoever if anyone wants to come along in their own 1910s outfit, so we can all pretend it’s 1916!

The Costume College Gala 2016

Oh my!  My first Costume College has come and gone, and with it, my first Costume College Gala.  Oh, the joy!  Oh, the frocks!  Everyone looked amazing.  The theme was ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ I have a couple hundred photos of the night, but, with much hand-wringing, I managed to narrow it down to a few favourites. The Gala starts with a ‘Red Carpet’, and an announcer. Waiting for the red carpet is quite fun too: it’s a more relaxed time to see everyone’s frock, and to make delicious discoveries, like finding out that your entire group, quite without any planning, has shown up in coordinating pastel frocks (aren’t they delicious!): The red carpet is a chance to get photographed and complemented, and then you are shunted through to other end, where everyone else who has already walked is mingling and admiring and waiting for the Gala ballroom doors to open. There are more delicious discoveries, like finding out that someone’s outfit is as amazing as your hair: (That’s Chris of The Laced Angel and her …

Costume College! Friday photos

I’m at Costume College, and it’s AMAZING, and I’m meeting so many fabulous people and learning so much. I’ll attempt to blog intelligently and cohesively about it later, but for now, here are my favourite photos from Friday.  I’ve named and linked to peoples blogs where possible (i.e. where my brain, which is refusing to remember anything but the two talks I’m giving, can come up with them), but I know I’ve forgotten some, so if you recognise yourself or someone, please let me know and I’ll add a link. Set Phasers to Sew! (with Natalie of  and Vivien of Fresh Frippery – Vivien’s dress is based on the Wearing History Dahlia blouse pattern). Jennifer of Festive Attyre as Edwardian Kylo Ren.  Check out her bag! And her parasol lightsaber! There was actually a large group of people in historical Star Wars outfits.  One of my roommates was Medieval Leia (and I forgot to get a photo!), but I missed most of the others. Yay, 1910s!  (blouse adapted from the Wearing History Elsie blouse pattern, which I …