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The Levin Medieval Market

The Levin Medieval Market

There aren’t a lot of historical costuming events in New Zealand, and one that I’ve never managed to get to is the annual Levin Medieval Market.  Levin is only an hour and a half up the coast from Wellington, and I (finally) had the weekend free this year, so I decided it was time to go. I put the word out to friends, and not only did Hvitr & Madame O put their hands up, Hvitr already had a 10th c Viking outfit, and Madame O committed to making a 1360s ensemble like mine if I’d help her with the pattern.  Juliet came down from Palmy, and we four went to the fair! Very conveniently, Juliet’s parents live in Levin, so we Wellington girls headed off just past 7am (gah), drove up, met Juliet there, got dressed, and then headed out I was warned ahead of time not to get too excited about how medieval the day would be: I was told to expect standard market fair with the Order of the Boar doing fighting …

Cooking in 1916

Come and hear about the Fortnight in 1916!

I’ve blogged about the Fortnight in 1916 a great deal, but haven’t yet spoken about it publicly yet in Wellington.  Time to remedy that! Join me at the Petone Settlers Museum next Saturday, the 24th of September, at 11 am, to hear me talk about my experiences in the Fortnight in person, see me in a typical outfit from 1916, and handle some of the items I wore and used. The talk will be followed by morning tea. And I have no objection whatsoever if anyone wants to come along in their own 1910s outfit, so we can all pretend it’s 1916!