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Ramsay to Renoir Fashion History Talk, 18/8/2018, Richmond, Nelson

Ramsay to Renoir: I’m coming down to Nelson for a fashion history talk!

I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be in Nelson on Saturday the 18th of August to give a charity talk on behalf of Life Linc. Life Linc is a fantastic charity that provides very low cost professional counselling within Nelson & Tasman. Mental health support is a cause that is particularly close to home for me.  A few years ago I struggled with a period of extremely severe depression.  At the time, I had very little disposable income.  Heavily discounted counselling through a charity helped me to cope with the depression, to identify what was triggering it, and eventually to find a way move out of it.  I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to keep a reasonably even keel since, but it’s because of the tools I was given in counselling: I’m aware of what my triggers are, what I need to be happy and balanced, and know how to re-set myself if my emotions start going pear shaped. Because of my own experience, I know how incredibly valuable counselling can be, and …

1813 Kashmiri Dress

Tales from the East: A Fashion History Talk in Sydney

My 1813 Kashmiri Dress is currently on display at the Australia National Trust Exhibition; Tales from the East: India & New South Wales, at Old Government House, Parramatta Park, Sydney Australia. Not only can you go and see it in person if you’re in Sydney, but I’m coming to Australia to be part of a lecture in conjunction with the exhibition Fashion for India Saturday 26 May 10:30-11:30 UNE Parramatta Campus Lecture Theatre Level 1, 232 Church St Parramatta Curator Lindie Ward and I will be talking about the Indian influence on Western textiles and fashion. I may even be wearing something historical and on-theme… Tales from the East India and NSW Brochure and Programs

Costume College 2017 – I’m teaching!

I’m very excited to be going to Costume College again this year – and to be teaching again! I’ll be teaching three classes, one each on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  I’m being quite brave teaching three classes (and sadly, it means I’ll miss lots of other peoples classes – the huge drawback to teaching), but I was so excited about these three topics I couldn’t decide which to pass on, so offered all three as choices. The first is my favourite rant: Beyond the Fringe: Unravelling the Myth of the 1920s Flapper Imagine a flapper. The popular concept is of mid-1920s young women, with fringed dresses, sequined and feathered headbands, sleek bobbed hair, and few inhibitions. This class will explore the historical truth behind the flapper myth, from the British origins of the ‘flapper’ in the 1900s, to the rise in popularity of the term in the 1910s, and the way it evolved into the feminist movement of the 1920s, and was then re-invented over the course of the 20th century. We’ll look at where …