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Five for Friday: What I’ve been up to, June Edition

What I’m working on: Trying to accomplish things faster than the disaster roller coaster that has become my life can run them down. I’m not sure what’s going on, but sometime between June & November last year Murphy’s Law decided to take a really personal interest in my life, and annoying, time consuming, money demanding things have happened one after the other.  You’ve heard about the epic computer crash of January 2017, and then there was the stove that decided to stop working and needed replacing (buying appliances is pretty much my least favourite activity in the world, and takes forever), followed by ‘Oops, it turns out your electrical system won’t support a modern stove, you need to re-wire a big portion of your house’. This was followed by ‘Felicity needs dental surgery’, which is scheduled for next week and a bit, so I’m a little freaked out by that… And that’s the stuff I can tell you about (there have to be some boundaries). There are perks to some of the disasters.  For example, …

Kittens Inn kittens

Kittens + Tea = Happiness

I’m part of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers, a group of awesome Wellington-based (for the most part) women who sew, blog, and get together to eat cake, drink tea and talk about sewing and blogging. For our latest get together, we outdid ourselves, with sewing, blogging, cake, tea, and KITTENS! The Kitten Inn, a cat rescue charity, offers afternoon teas where you can play with their not-yet-adoptable kittens before and after your afternoon tea to help socialise them.  ZOMG! Your tea money supports a good cause, the kittens get used to lots of people, you get to play with kittens, and if you’re really, really lucky, you manage to get away without the firm and absolute conviction that you must come back as soon as the lot of kittens you played with is old enough to be adopted out, in order to snag one for yourself!  😉 Those of us who were kitten inclined had a wonderful afternoon of kitten playtime, kitten cuddles, tea, cake, more kittens, photos of kittens, wishing we could adopt all the kittens… And, …

Felicity the Sewing Cat for Scroop Patterns,

Pattern cat at work! Stay tuned for a new pattern!

The next Scroop Pattern is in the final stages of development, and Felicity the sewing cat is hard at work, helping out. She’s been finessing the cutting layouts, making sure the fabric requirements measure up, attempting to add her quota of cat-fur embellishments to the sewn-up samples (and looking at me very disapprovingly when I attempt to prevent the same), keeping my lap warm while I make final tweaks to instructions, and generally making sure everything is up to scratch (sometimes literally). Hopefully you’ll enjoy the next pattern (I’m pretty excited about it!) and all her work will be worth it!