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Felicity lends a paw

All last week I was frantically sewing in order to finish two new dresses and four new hats for the Katherine Mansfield Garden Party (because sometimes I’m just no good at all at being sensible and restrained!). Felicity, lovely helpful sewing cat that she is, seemed to sense the haste, and did her best to lend a paw.  She generally likes to hang out with me while I sew, but I’ve never seen her put such a concerted effort into being there for the entire process. Her main concern seemed to be that the fabric would run away and hide if she didn’t sit on at all times, so she spent most of the week curled up on whatever I was working on, firmly holding it in place.  Very helpful that! First she sat on the linen: Then she sat on the lace: Then on the rayon slip fabric: And then on the other linen: Before returning to the partly sewn white linen, to make sure it didn’t attempt a mid-construction escape. Even with the fabric under …

On my sewing table this week

I’m doing tons of sewing at the moment, and actually have photoshoots scheduled this weekend and next weekend, so I’m sewing like mad, and you’ll get to see the finished projects soon! So what am I working on? A shirt, with amazing chevroned sleeves that I am quite pleased with. And a skirt to go with it, in delicious navy wool from a recent Fabric Warehouse pop-up shop sale (aka cheapskate fabric lovers nirvana). And a petticoat to go under the skirt (made from old sheets and tablecloths – of course!) And not one, but TWO corsets!  One in white, one in cream, because I’ve decided I don’t have enough neutral corsets. Felicity has, of course, been helping with everything, from overseeing the pattern matching: To taking baths while I make burritos: Because the most important thing on any sewing table is always the sewing cat!