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Felicity the sewing cat

The Sewing Cat helps out

I’m helping Madame O make her own 14th century gown, using the research and drafting I did for my own 1369 dress. Madame O is quite a different shape to me, but she isn’t that different in size, so I made some minor adaptions to the pattern based on knowing the difference in our shape, and she’s made a toile to check the fit.  We’ll cut the proper garment from that. Felicity, as a good sewing cat, is also helping out. So far she’s been lending a paw as a pattern weight:   Felicity adores Madame O, so she’s very glad to be of assistance!

Felicity the sewing cat

Felicity the Sewing cat, hard at work

I’ve been making not one, but two 1900s corsets at the moment, both of which have been in  progress for well over a year, and have both been plagued with EVERY POSSIBLE THING THAT COULD GO WRONG. Felicity must sense how much they have been stressing me, because she’s been practically glued to the sewing table throughout the process.  Not only that, but she’s insisted on being as close to the sewing machine as possible.  If she could sleep on the sewing machine’s table, she would! She’s ended up hidden under the moving sewing on a number of occasions (and has also kept the sewing from moving when she got out from under and sat on it), so I finally got a video of it: I’m testing out the latest addition to my sewing machine flock: a Janome MyExcel A little bonus: you get to hear the elusive Mr D speak! Other bonus: even though I was there, and I know that isn’t what was happening, I’m convinced I’m hurling pins on the floor throughout …