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A 'St Birgitta's Cap'

A St Birgitta’s Cap

There’s a slightly funny story to this post. I finished my St Birgitta’s cap back at the end of January, photographed it, and wrote most of my post. And then my Costume History students at Toi Whakaari picked their topics for their first research paper, and I remembered that I’d given them a picture of a St Birgitta’s cap as a research option – and it had been chosen. Ooops… So obviously I couldn’t publish a blog post (even a fairly lightweight one using only the most obvious basic internet references) about making a St Birgitta’s cap until the student had turned in their paper. But the paper was submitted this afternoon, so here’s the blog post! (and I haven’t read the paper yet, so I’m not cheating off it either…). I’d always put St Birgitta’s caps in the ‘too hard and time consuming’ basket, but then Hvitr made one and wore it to our 2019 Historical Sew & Eat Retreat. Now, Hvitr is infinitely more patient and precise than me, and makes notoriously crazy …

TVEO1, 1900s Edwardian corset

Come hear me talk about corsets at Fibre Fest at Te Manawa

On Sunday the 8th of March I’ll be part of Fibre Fest at Te Manawa in Palmerston North, talking about corsets and corset history Buckram & Bones: Corset Materials & Construction 1700-1930 Explore the construction techniques and materials used in support undergarments, from cane & whalebone stays in the 1700s, through corded Victorian corsets and the introduction of front busks, to the move towards streamlined unders in the 20th century.   You’ll get to see original historical corsets from Toi Whakaari’s historic costume collection, and handle reproduction stays & corsets by Leimomi.   I’m on at 1!

My 2019 Historical Sewing Year in Review

If I did a 2018 sewing round up, or set myself sewing goals for 2019, I don’t remember it, and can’t find it. So 2019 was a blank slate: I got done what I got done. And that’s kind of nice. I’ve been trying to be less demanding of myself. I wish I could do all the things, all the time, and I tend to beat myself up mentally when I can’t. So for the last few years I’ve been trying to just be happy with what I do, and I think I’m getting there! And I did do pretty well! Three Scroop patterns out, including the incredible hydra of a pattern that is the Augusta Stays (seriously, the amount of stuff we included in that pattern…it’s really four patterns, and was certainly the work of four standard patterns). A bunch of wardrobe sewing for me, a bunch of sewing for my mum (I packed more clothes for her than for myself in my recent trip home!). And actually quite a lot of historical sewing …