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Ruffles to Rebellion, images by

Help restore the Katherine Mansfield House & Garden

There was a lot of damage in New Zealand in the recent earthquake – some obvious, some that is only beginning to be apparent.  My nearest and dearest came through relatively unscathed – but one place that is close to my heart was rather battered by the quake. The Katherine Mansfield House & Garden Museum on Tinakori Road, had a spectacular old-fashion garden, bordered on one edge by the neighbours old brick wall. The wall, plastered and painted grey, made a lovely backdrop for photshoots amongst plants mentioned in Mansfield’s writings.  Unfortunately it came crashing down on the house in the quake, crushing the garden and damaging the house. The museum is raising money to remove the wall, repair the damage, and erect a new (earthquake safe) boundary wall. If you’ve ever visited the museum, enjoyed my photos taken there, or at a benefit talk I’ve given for the museum, or simply loved Mansfield’s writings, and feel moved to help repair the museum, you can: donate here on their Boosted page.    Here are a few of …

Earthquake – We’re safe

Thank you everyone who has commented and messaged with kind thoughts after last night’s 7.5 earthquake here in NZ. Mr D and Fiss and I, and his extended family (and, as far as I can tell, all of my friends) are safe, but rather shaken.  Our house is just fine, though every door in the house  (including those dratted kitchen cupboards) did slam open and shut for two minutes while the quake went on. There has been a bit of damage around Wellington, and a lot further south, where the epicentre was, and injuries and at least a couple of deaths.  It’s not good news. Please keep NZ in your thoughts and prayers – the aftershocks have gone on all night, and there is still a tsunami watch, though it has been downgraded. If you want to follow the news as we are in NZ, you can check  

Felicity the cat and cushions

A little light sewing (with cat)

You can always tell when I’m in the mad finishing stages of a garment or a pattern: my blogging dwindles away to practically nothing. Sadly (for me) I’m not working on some fabulous frock: the only thing of note I’ve made since returning from Costume College is a wedding dress for a friend, and of course I can’t reveal it until the bride agrees! Happily (for you), I am hard at work on a pattern. I have managed a little light sewing.  Here are two cushion covers I made as teaching samples along with a class: The zig-zag one is an envelope cushion, and the birds cushion is made using the same techniques as this tutorial. Students learn how to do appliqués, piping, invisible zips, and buttonholes, all in one class.  It’s pretty awesome. Because the cushions aren’t that exciting on their own, I roused Felicity from a nap to come make her pose with them.  She was somewhat less than delighted by this, but was easily mollified when I included ‘throwing her toy for her …