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2016: A Sewing Year in Review

It’s that time of year again: the holidays done and dusted, and time to look back at what I accomplished this year, what I didn’t accomplish. 2016 was a weird year.  It was great on a career level (yay, I launched Scroop Patterns!).  And there were some personal/sew-y highlights (Costume College), but it was also a really horrible year on a personal level (things I don’t talk about here…). My goal is to make 2017 even better on a career level (so many Scroop Patterns!).  And I’m going to do everything I can to make it a much better year personally, though I don’t have as much control over that by far, and a lot of my personal grief and heartache of 2016 will continue for a while. It’s also a year that came to an extremely frustrating end: my main working computer crashed catastrophically on the 29th, while I was backing it up: a disaster that appears to have taken both the hard drive, the backup it was doing, and the backup before that, with it (insert …

Happy Anniversary to Us!

An impressively long number of years ago, sometime in the rough vicinity of this week, Mr D and I got married. Like most marriages, there have been really good times, and really hard times, and things that have been easy, and things that have been a lot of work. But, an impressively long number of years later, I’m still delighted to be married to him. Happy Anniversary(ish) Mr D!  Here’s to all the good times, and hopefully less hard times.  The work has been worth it.