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How do you like your Hobbitses?

Living in New Zealand, and especially Wellington, it’s impossible for me not to be aware of and interested in Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth films.   I first came to New Zealand as a student the year that The Return of the King came out, and Wellington had its first international film premier.  I really didn’t come for that – I was probably the only American student to come to NZ on foreign exchange that year who wasn’t madly interested in either LotR, extreme sports, or rugby.  In face, I barely knew that any of those things were happening until I got on the airplane (the rugby and extreme sports were a bit of a nasty shock actually). But in New Zealand I was constantly thrown in the company of students who had specifically come so they could visit all the LotR filming sites and attend the premier, so I travelled with them, and did all these things.  And took lots of pictures, which I’ve illustrated this post with, because I’ve been really lazy and haven’t …

Rate the Dress: Worth IV does Zig-zags

Last week Fidelo summed up your reaction to the purple, orange and green 1870s frock perfectly: “This should not work. It really should not work at all. The fact that it does is genius.”  And because it was genius, you gave it a rating of 9.3  out of 10, which is pretty much as close as we’re ever going to get to perfect! This week, I’m presenting a very different dress from a very different era, but I feel it has some of the same elements that made last week’s dress so successful: unusual choice of colour or pattern, clever construction, a balance of structure and femininity, and just a wee bit of cheek. This dress is also a fun one to present, because it’s by Roger Worth, the great-grandson of CF Worth, and one of the last designers of the House of Worth (the last was his brother Maurice).  You haven’t much cared for the second and third generations of Worths, but what about the fourth?  Did Roger manage to return to his great-grandfather’s greatness? …

And the winner is (plus bonus pictures)

After lots of time numbering comments and checking facebooks and pinterests and blogs and consulting random number generators, I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the giveaway is… # 49, Samantha of The Hot Mess Housewife  Congratulations Samantha! (even if she doesn’t like licorice, which is frankly disgraceful). I’ll be in contact shortly about shipping addresses and hopefully you’ll get your goodies just in time for Christmas! The good news for the rest of you is that Samantha didn’t want the Maudella pattern, so it will appear in a future giveaway! And, for the entertainment portion of this post, here is me in the Seven Year Stitch apron, making apple pies for Thanksgiving at my in-laws lovely house.