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Woman's Dress and Petticoat, England, 1770-1780, Silk plain weave (taffeta) with discontinuous silk supplemetary weft patterning, M.57.24.8a-b

Rate the Dress: Georgian Pinks

It takes at least 45 minutes to write a Rate the Dress Post (find dress, download images, format if necessary, upload, write post, link everything), and lately, I’ve just struggled to find the time.  It’s the end of the year at Toi Whakaari (graduation is tomorrow!), work is hectic, and the weather is warming up, so when I have down time I just want to be outside. So this weeks Rate the Dress pick reminds me of spring flowers and strawberry ice cream.  It’s possibly a little un-complicated, because I’m not in an over-thinking mood.  Hopefully it’s enough for you to rate though! Last week: an 1870s evening dress ensemble – complete with shoes So, that’s a no on the very gold front and very green back then.  And many of you found the mis-matched shoes annoying rather than witty – or if they were witty, that didn’t carry over into the dress.  Daniel called the dress “ugly-chic austere luxury”.  A few of you did love the dress, but on the whole the scores were some …

Frou Frou 1760s Stomacher

A frou-frou stomacher (based on an extent original) and making buckram

I made a very, very frilly stomacher to go with my Frou Frou Francaise! I based it on this stomacher, from the MFA Boston: I was searching for stomacher inspiration to go with my Frou Frou Francaise, because I wanted something a little more dynamic and interesting than the usual stripes-of-ruffles or bows (not that they aren’t charming, but this one just needed something different), and I stumbled across this one, and it was perfect, and (amazingly) it’s also the only extant plain blue silk stomacher that I know of. I realised that it would be the perfect project for the HSF Challenge #8: Extant originals, where you copy a period garment that is still in existence. I tried to replicate the exact shape & dimensions of the stomacher, but I just couldn’t get it to pin onto me and into my francaise and looking right. So instead I worked with a shape and dimensions that did fit my body and my dress, and adapted the trim to fit. To make my stomacher first I …

Robe a la Francaise, 18th century (probably 1770s), silk, Lot 550, sold by Whittakers Auctions, Fall 2016

Rate the Dress: a Francaise as blue as the Hawai’ian ocean

This week’s Rate the Dress pick is thematic: it’s a francaise (be prepared for all the francaise posts…),  it’s as blue as the ocean around Hawaii, and it’s covered in a lush array of flowers worthy of any tropical garden. Will it make you feel like you’re on vacation at Versailles and Waikiki at the same time, or will it leave you cold? Last week: a late Regency era evening dress The star-shaped-sequins covered evening dress didn’t inspire an outpouring of commentary and interest, but most of you who rated it agreed that it was an extremely attractive and charming example of its type…well, at least all of you who commented by Saturday evening did.  Perhaps there was an outpouring of dislike before the ratings closed, because… The Total: 9.4 out of 10 I haven’t had internet since I wrote this post, so don’t know what the final rating is.  It will be a mystery until I make it out of the valley and back to town. Picture perfect! This week: There isn’t a huge amount …