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Portrait of a Girl Holding a Spaniel by Alexander Roslin, mid 18th century (Detail)

Rate the Dress: an 18th century Hoodie

I’m so excited about launching the Scroop Patterns Otari Hoodie (which you have about 19 hours left to get 20% off on, along with all the other Scroop Patterns, with the code TWOYEARS at checkout), that of course I had to pick a historical hoodie for this week’s Rate the Dress! Last week: A mid-1910s iridescent silk taffeta ensemble Last week’s Rate the Dress pick was…contentious.  You definitely couldn’t fault it for not being interesting, but some of you faulted it for pretty much everything else.  The two biggest complaints were about the (even more clashing) sash and buttons, and the abrupt join of the two fabrics around the hips. There were also people who adored the outfit for its personality, and for being such a fabulous example of mid-1910s quirkiness. The Total: 6.6 out of 10 Well, it’s a slight improvement on the week before it I guess?  Unfortunately a lot of the people who adored the outfit only commented on facebook, and I don’t include the FB comments because they get lost to time …

1780s American Duchess cap review

The 1780s cap from the American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking

It’s always a good feeling to finish the year and a sewing project at the same time.  This time I finished the 1780s cap from the American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking just as 2017 closed. Literally! I was sitting on my couch sewing on the bow and watching bonnet movies as the year ticked over, because that’s how I party! As far as I know, I’m the first person to have made the 1780s cap, which means I had the dubious distinction of discovering the typo where it says to cut one piece instead of two for the both the ruffles. I should have figured out the typo on my own.  Two makes so much sense!  But I was pattern testing for Scroop Patterns at the same time.  The cap was my ‘down’ time from pattern testing, but my brain was 100% in pattern testing mode.  That means I turn off independent thought and logic and follow what a pattern says exactly.  And I really wanted to do the patterns as AD gave …

Robe a la Francaise, Italian, about 1775, Silk taffeta brocaded with silk and metallic threads, MFA Boston, 77.6a-b

Rate the Dress: Rosy Pink & Roses Française

I have robe  la françaises on the mind, so they have inspired this week’s Rate the Dress pick.  It’s the most pink and cabbage-rose-y Française I could find.  I’m interested to see if you’ll think that’s a good thing or not! Last week: a crinoline-to-first-bustle-era transitional gown in jewel green patterned silk Generally speaking, you liked last week’s dress as an example of its type.  A few of you even loved it.  Most of you just weren’t that inspired by it, even if you didn’t actually like it.  I did find the various interpretations of the print most amusing.  Bats!  Seagulls!  (or, in reality, little berry or bud sprigs.) The Total: 7.1 out of 10. That’s definitely a nice-but-not-inspiring rating. This week: a pink and gold and so many florals française: Sacque dresses were really just vehicles for a lavish amount of sumptious fabric and a froth of decadent trim.  This one is no exception.  The extremely wide square hoops show off meters of the rosy silk.  The front of the dress and sleeves feature expensive …