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1760 Frou Frou Francaise

Five years later – Frou Frou Francaise progress (finally!)

It’s had a five year hiatus, but the mostly-Queen-Charlotte-inspired Frou Frou Francaise is back on my sewing schedule. It hit the shoals of inactivity back in 2013 for two reasons.  First, the fabric was really hard to sew, and was aggravating the chillblains and other arm problems I have in winter.  Second I realised that I had two meters less fabric than I had thought, and wouldn’t be able to finish it without significant piecing – and even then without all the trimming I’d hoped to have.  The two combined were just too demoralising, and I packed it away in the naughty bin. I’m really trying to clear out my PHD (project half done) pile, so, inspired by all the people who were planning to make Robe a la Francaise based on the American Duchess 18th century costuming book, I pulled the Francaise back out after Costume College last year, and re-assessed it to see what I could do to finish it. When I set the dress aside 5 years ago, the petticoat was completely finished, …

Robe à la Polonaise, ca. 1780, French, silk, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1976.146a, b

Rate the Dress: painted pick-ups, 18th century style

Apologies for the delay in a Rate the Dress post.  It has just been a significantly busier week than I anticipated.  Better late than never, Rate the Dress is back on track with an 18th century confection featuring hand painted silk and a bustled skirt.  How will it fare… Last week: a 1910s number in embroidered pink chiffon I watched the comments come in for last week’s Rate the Dress.  When I thought back to them this week, I thought the final total must be pretty dismal: I had such a strong memory of dislike.  But when I looked back over them, and tallied the total, I realised that most people actually liked-to-loved the dress.  There were just a couple of people who really did not like it, and their reaction was so strong that it really coloured my memory of the comments. The Total: 8.8 out of 10 Like I said, mostly like-to-love! This week: Because it’s been such a busy week, my Rate the Dress pick isn’t particularly inventive.  Just a classic 18th …

1795-1800 muslin dress

A mental meh and a very-end-of-the-18th-century muslin gown

I was really excited about my trip to Australia, and an opportunity/excuse to make a new ca. 1800 dress. I’ve done very little historical sewing since last Costume College, and I’m definitely missing it.  Regency has been on my sewing wishlist for quite a while.  I had a length of muslin I found at an op-shop that was just asking to be a simple almost-white dress. Should be perfect! Unfortunately I’m pretty meh about the result. I’m not sure if it’s really the dress, or simply in my brain. I’m currently going through a really hard patch as a costumer and historical sewer.  Mentally, I need a certain amount of time to focus on a project in order to really do a good job.  And I also need to keep in practice in order to not only to keep growing as a historical sewer, but to just stay at the levels of sewing that I’ve achieved in the past. And for the last few years I just haven’t managed to make that time.  Between starting …