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Capturing the Mode – the talk

Well, it’s finally all over! My talk, Capturing the Mode: Fashion in Impressionist Art happened this Saturday.  I have so much to say about it and so many different feelings about it that I have no idea where to begin. For one thing, I pulled an all-nighter (or as close as I have ever gotten to one) on Friday night, so by the time the talk came around at 1.30 I was running on adrenalin and not much else. After staying up all night and sewing frantically all morning Mr Dreamy and I rushed to Te Papa at 11.30.  The models all arrived by 12.15, we had a quick run through of where they would walk, and then we retired to the dressing room to get ready. Getting ready was exciting: 7 women in a tiny, freezing dressing room that quickly became quite stuffy.  We did have a few dressing crises: a corset string broke and I had forgotten to bring any extra (we ended up using a bit of string I had tied around …

Thank goodness for long weekends!

Yes, I will blog about Capturing the Mode soon, but for now I am still stuck on the week before. Both Easter Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in New Zealand, and thank goodness for that! I had a sewing marathon over the four day weekend, trying to finish off all of the outfits for Capturing the Mode. As a consequence, I had a blogging marathon this week updating everything I accomplished! Me being industrious:

Suson’s dress…

…is done! (OK, not quite, you know me too well Dear Readers. I still need to sew hooks and eyes into the skirt waistbands, sew on a bit more lace, put on the buttons I decided on and tack down the skirt lining) However, Suson’s ensemble was done enough for Julia to come over and have a final fitting this weekend, and the verdict is that it fits perfectly. Whew! What a relief.Isn’t she gorgeous in it? I think later I might cut the jacket higher over the hips to lengthen the figure from the side, but it will do for now. Some details of the fun bunchy bustled overskirt: If you look really closely at Manet’s painting, it appears that there is a line down the front of Suson’s skirt. Skirts with joins and gathers down the front are really common in early 1880s photographs, so I chose to use this design for Suson’s skirt.