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Friday Review: Tiger Eye Beads

  Tiger Eye Beads Cuba Mall, Wellington What it is: Wellington’s only specialist bead and jewellery making store. Stockists of all sorts of beads, findings, as well as ready made jewellery and a few other pretty items. The Good Tiger Eye Beads stocks a wide variety of beading pogey bait in almost every colour of the rainbow, and all the material to put the pogey bait together into something yummy. And, if you are like me and are just no good at putting beads together in an assortment that results in gorgeous jewellery, they also have a selection of ready-made jewellery to tempt you. Pretty pogey bait   In order to support your jewellery making endeavours, they have necklace trays and jewellery tools and tables so for you to work on, so you could easily spend an afternoon shopping and crafting in the store. Helpful staff and welcoming work-stations.   The staff are cheerful and friendly and helpful, and will suggest things and help you look for just the right colour of something. Not only can you …

Pachyderm paradise

I recently finished a super-cute retro inspired skirt that I thought you might enjoy I used this utterly adorable retro fabric that Nana gave me for the skirt: Look at the elephants! How could you not love it? I didn’t use a pattern: just drafted a quick waistband and then box pleated the fabric too it, and fussed with the pleat widths until it the fabric fit right. Box pleats.  I indulged my taste for quirky finishes with bright pink binding around the inside edge of the waistband, and my taste for pedantically perfect and historical finishes with a hand-sewn in zipper (which is often easier than machine sewing, unless you use invisible zippers). Hand sewn-zipper  And then I realised that to give the correct vintage silhouette the skirt was going to have to sit quite a bit higher on my waist, so I got to unpick my beautifully sewn in zipper and a bunch of the pleating, take in the waistband, and re-pleat the skirt and sew in the zipper again. It’s all about …

5 things I love about New Zealand (this week)

1) Waterfront swims Teachers on field trips to Te Papa let their students jump off the wharf into the harbour after their visit. How awesome is that?  When I was in school we weren’t even allowed to dip our toes in the water for fear of lawsuits and injury, and in NZ 10 year olds get to leap off bridges into the ocean (in their undies if they forgot to bring togs!) on field trips. 2) Cold water swims   Students jump off the wharf into the bay even on days when it is so cold that I am wearing a wool coat. Those Kiwis are hard cases! 3) Pohutukawas in full blossom. 4) Wonderfully wacky competitions Wellington is holding the Unicycle World Championships. That is 1,000,000 times cooler than the Olympics, and no huge crowds, litter, congestion and national debt to deal with! 5) Free museums!