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Rate the Dress: a red and white 1810s exoticism ensemble

Yay, yay, hooray!  Last weeks red & white 1880s nautical ensemble was such a success.  Not only did most of you love it (18 perfect 10s!), but it attracted more comments than any other RTD in the last year, and it sparked discussions about how the buttons stayed so pristine, and how the dress would be washed.  Oh, and it came in at a whopping 9.1 out of 10.  I love it when people are so interested and enthusiastic* about a rate the dress ! Since white with red trim was so popular last week, I’m sticking with that theme for this week.  However, while last week’s ensemble was nautical in feel, this week’s fashion plate shown an outfit that takes all its design cues from somewhere far, far from the sea: Kashmir. Not only does our fashionably attired lady carry a red Kashmiri shawl with elaborate borders and edging, her white pelisse with red trim and asymmetrical front fastening appears to be made  from a Kashmiri shawl as well.  By 1817 the mania for …

Scroop 1st anniversary sale ad

Know what April 1st is?

Nope, not April Fools day!  It’s the one-year anniversary of Scroop Patterns!   Obviously it’s time to celebrate! So….there is going to be a sale! 20% off every Scroop Pattern!   (Yay!  Yay!  Hooray!) Sale starts 8am April 1st and goes until 8am April 8th (NZ times). So, start saving your pennies*, planning your wardrobe and spreading the word! Check back in on Friday the 31st for the sale code! *or, if you live in NZ, your 10 cent pieces, because we don’t have anything smaller!

Five for Friday* – What I’ve been up to recently

What I’m working on: Regency stuff!  Last night I scanned and re-sized the 1810-20s stays pattern from Percoco’s Regency Women’s Dress, the 1795 transitional stays from Salen’s Corsets, and did the (super easy) re-sizing of  J.S. Bernhardt’s View C 1810s stays on Kleidung um 1800. And then realised that none of these is low enough to fit beneath my Recamier gown, so I decided to be super lazy and just draft a really simple pair of ca. 1800 transitional stays of the style beloved by reenactors, but not so common in extant examples or the visual records of the period.  I’m really trying to avoid reenactorisms, but this does seem like the best thing to wear beneath that dress in this case. Maybe…it’s entirely possible that I’ll have changed my mind by the next time I blog, and be well progressed on one of the other ones! What I’ve been reading: I’ve just finished Terry Pratchett’s Dodger, set in Dickensian (literally, as Mr Charles himself is a major character in the book) London.  Not my favourite Pratchett, …