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1893 Singer 27 series, VS-3,

A sewing machine for 1916: meet my new (very old) Singer 27 series, VS-3

Among the many questions I’ve been asked about the Fortnight in 1916 project is ‘Are you going to be sewing like you would in 1916’? Why yes, yes I am! My goal is to make a blouse entirely as it would have been made at home in 1916, and to cut and start one of my outfits for Costume College (obviously, one that is 1916 themed!) To do this, I need an era-correct sewing machine.  Meet my new, very old, hand-crank Singer Model 27: She dates from 1893, and is version 3 of the 27 model. Singer launched the 27 series in the mid 1880s, as the first of their machines to use the new vibrating shuttle technology. A vibrating shuttle is a different kind of bobbin which swings back and forth inside the machine, instead of having the threads carried around the machine, like a modern bobbin. So the inside of the machine looks like this: That point silver bullet looking thing is the bobbin, and the arm that is carrying it swings back …

Friday night duckling party

I think we could all use some ducklings tonight. Here are my parent’s latest batch of ducklings, two days old, playing in their water dish and having lunch: Now that’s my kind of Friday night party! (unless, of course, there is the chance to wear something spectacular, ridiculous and historical on offer.  Then the ducklings might be out of luck 😉 )

Vintage & Hawaiian goodies, thedreamstress.com2

Hawaiian haul: what I brought back from the islands

I didn’t do much shopping in Hawaii: I spent all but two days of the trip on Molokai, which has very limited shopping opportunities, and the final two days were spent in Waikiki – aka: shopping hell (I lasted less than 7 minutes in Ala Moana).  So shopping opportunities were limited. Despite this, I still managed to bring home lots of stuff, because whenever I buy something that won’t ship to NZ I have it sent to my parents, and I also still have three large chests of things stored under their house (I swear the stuff multiplies.  Every time I come back to NZ I fill a suitcase, and every time I go back there are still three completely full chests…) So what did I bring to NZ? (I’d say ‘home’, but Hawaii is also home, so I’m having a definite crisis of home-ness) Millinery feathers!  A gift from Lauren of Wearing History, who was clearing out some of her stash.  I was a little worried about bringing these through NZ biosecurity, but they …