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Royal Hawaiian Featherwork: Nā Hulu Ali‘i at LACMA,

The Pacific Influence on Western Fashion – 31 March – New Zealand Portrait Gallery

Come hear me talk about how the Pacific has influenced Western fashion, from 18th century ballgowns made of tapa cloth, to Elvis in an Aloha shirt. I’ll explore how the exchange of fabrics and fashions impacted both cultures, and the way in which the Pacific is perceived in the wider world. Day: 31 March 2019 Time: 1-2pm Where: New Zealand Portrait Gallery This talk is given in conjunction with the exhibition Edith and George: in our sea of islands. More information

Hey Honolulu I’m going home to happy Hawai’i!

I’m off to Hawaii for the next two weeks to be with my parents at the family farm.  I won’t have the best internet connection while I’m there, but don’t worry, I’ve pre-scheduled lots (well some) fun blog posts.  There will be a Rate the Dress every week – though I might not be able to tot up the final ratings until I’m back. If internet is better than expected, you might even get some bonus posts!  I seem to write particularly good posts when I’m in Hawaii. Sadly, there will be no duckling post  as they all hatched earlier in the year.   Nor will there be a Honolulu Museum of Art or ‘Iolani Palace post, as I’m spending the whole two weeks on Moloka’i Hopefully  there won’t be a repeat of Slugfest 2016. (slug photo redacted by popular demand) Even more hopefully there won’t be a Hawaii Hurricane Watch 2018 2.0 while I’m there!  (or at all.  Frankly the world has had quite enough weather excitement for the whole year already). I’m just …

33 Things I Did in Hawaii

For the next two weeks (and then some) you can expect this blog to be all 1916, all the time.  For a little pre-respite from that, here is the rundown of what I did in Hawaii: #1 Ate lots, and lots, and lots of poke (raw fish salad): Partly because poke is awesome, and partly because it is one of the few prepared foods available in Kaunakakai (the main town) that I was willing to eat. #2 Ate lots, and lots, and lots of poi (mashed, fermented taro root).  Just because poi is awesome. #3 Watched ducklings hatch!  (see that egg with the dark hole?) #4 Spent lots of time at the beach #5 And in the stream that runs through my parent’s farm: #6 Got made fun of (in a gentle, loving way) for saying little like a Kiwi (lit-tle) rather than like a Hawaiian-American (liddle) #7 Pushed the number of  ohia ‘ai (mountain apples – light and sweet and refreshing, as soft as a peach but crisper) one can eat in a day …