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Rate the Dress: Pink Aesthetic Tea Gown

This week’s Rate the Dress is a tea gown in the aesthetic style which combines the comfort and (relative) ease of wear that was originally supposed to be the point of a tea gown, with the luxurious fabrics and whimsical use of trim and design features that came to be the defining characteristic of a tea gown.

Image shows the back view of a light grey-beige jacket, very fitted, with full sleeves and leaf themed embroidery around the tail of the jacket.

Rate the Dress: Walking in Style, ca. 1890

A walking dress was a trainless dress that one could walk in without any part of the dress touching the ground.  In an era dominated by horse-drawn vehicles (among other less salubrious refuse that might end up on the streets), the resulting debris picked up by long, trained skirts could be rather foul, and it’s not surprising that the elaborate trains of the 1870s and early 1880s did not last.