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Making Roach's 40 Orange Glaze Cake by Samba Schutte

Making Roach’s 40 Orange Glaze Cake

OK, unless you have an orange juicer and some fancy zesting machine, be prepared to spend a LOT of time zesting and juicing oranges for a 40 Orange Glaze Cake. As the sous-chef, I was on a team juice-and-zest.  While Nina got candied oranges started, and made the cake, I sliced and juiced and zested as fast as I could to keep up.

Call for Pattern Testers for a 1770-90 gown!

Amber of Virgil’s Fine Goods and I have an exciting new 18th century pattern almost finished, so we need testers to help us make it as perfect and fabulous as possible! We’ve already asked a number of testers with specialised skills, so we’re only looking for a few extra testers. If you’d like to be one of them, keep reading to learn more, and how to apply¦ The Pattern: The pattern is a fashionable ‘Italian’ Gown with two bodice views.  The fronts and backs are interchangeable, and the skirt can be made with or without a train.  View B can made with or without the zig-zag trim. It will be available in the full Scroop + Virgil’s Size Range of 30”/76cm bust to 52”/115cm bust. Testers: This is an advanced pattern, and we’re looking for testers with prior historical sewing experience, OR extensive non-historical sewing experience. Testers MUST have the correct undergarments already. As part of the application you’ll need to have a photo of yourself in 1770-1790 suitable stays that you can send us a …