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Cassandra Stays

Can you wear the Cassandra Stays for decades before or after 1760-1780?

We get it.  Some people love making stays, and some people don’t.  Even if you are someone who loves making stays, they are time intensive, and relatively expensive to make.  So it’s very tempting to make one pair of stays that can work for a wide date range.  Not surprisingly, lots of people have asked us… Can you wear the Cassandra Stays for dates other than 1760-1780? We’ve dated the Cassandra Stays pattern to 1760-1780 because that was the date range of the extant stays we based the pattern on where we were absolutely confident in the dating of the stays.  However, we have been very cautious in our dating, so the Cassandra Stays are definitely plausible for decades before 1760, and about 15 years after 1780, for those who preferred a more old-fashioned fit and silhouette for their clothes. Wearing the Cassandra Stays under 1730-50s outfits: There are numerous examples of stays that are dated to earlier than 1760 which have similar pattern pieces and boning layouts to the Cassandra Stays, such as these …