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Dress, 1910-1919, silk?, wool? beads, Gift of Beryle Christesen, Goldstein Museum of Design, 1983.025.007

Rate the Dress: black, green, pink, and brightly beaded wartime daywear

This week’s Rate the Dress is mid-1910s themed, to celebrate the launch of the Selina Blouse. Last Week: an 1830s banyan and waistcoat of 1740s fabric Apparently men need to go back to wearing beautifully fitted housecoats in lavish floral fabrics, because last week’s banyan and waistcoat were very popular. The Total: 9.7 out of 10 In Rate the Dress that’s practically perfection!  And no surprise – fabulous fabric, fabulous fit, and so interesting. This week: a 1910s day dress with touches of colour: This dress is an excellent example of high-end mid-1910s day dress: It’s got a simple, practical silhouette, enlivened by interesting details. The black colour shows the trend towards black as a chic, practical, everyday colour which was had been championed by couturiers like Paquin since the late 19th century. Black was practical in more than one sense in the middle of WWI.  Germany had been the world’s largest dye producer prior to WWI.  The war cut off supply lines, even to countries not involved in the war.  One of the few dyes manufactured …

@jayagracecostumes in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

The Selina Blouse: the tester makes Part II: historical

Get ready for even more Selina Blouse tester makes gorgeousness! Here’s Part 2 of the tester makes.  Today’s makes are all the historical makes.  By random coincidence they are also almost all in classic white.  So it’s a round up post showing how different the Selina can look in a dozen different white fabrics (and a couple of florals and spots)! In Part 1 I showed all the testers who styled their Selina for modern or historybounding wear. Now for the historical fabulosity! Jaya of @jayagracecostumes Jaya’s photos have the most wonderful, dreamy, Anne of Green Gables feel. Her Selina is a great example of how well the blouse works in a lighter fabric with more drape – and how well it works tucked in. Jaya made View A in Size 36, graded down to a Size 34 in the peplum.   Check out her instagram to see all her other beautiful makes. Sally Sally made View B for her classic white Selina.  Her take on it is equally beautiful.  How perfect is that fit!? …

Gaëlle of @supergaelle in the Scroop Patterns Selina Blouse

The Selina Blouse: the tester makes Part I: modern & historybounding!

What time is it?  Tester makes time! It’s the best part of pattern releases: where you get to see how a bunch of fabulous sewers interpreted the pattern. Testers help make a pattern perfect, by pointing out any bits in the instructions that are a bit confusing, and by helping me refine the fit so it works as well as possible on as many bodies as possible. I mentioned that there were a lot of exciting Selina Blouse tester makes, and I am not kidding!  In fact, there’s so many makes that I’m going to be doing two tester posts. Here’s the first one: all the testers who styled their Selina Blouses with modern clothes or as historybounding. Here are the tester makes! Gaëlle of @supergaelle I’m in love with the fun floral print that Gaëlle used on her Selina Blouse, and the way she highlighted the collar and placket detailing with trim. Her photos are a great example of how fabulous the blouse looks with trousers.  Am I going to copy this look in …