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Hedgehog shorts

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hedgehog [Shorts]

It’s been a very warm summer in Wellington.  The warmest summer on record in fact.  So I’ve been making, and wearing, lots and lots and lots of shorts, and lots, and lots of short-sleeved Scroop Miramar tops. I tend to make my shirts in solids and stripes, but I like fun, patterned bottoms.  Summer shorts should be a wee bit silly.  You’ve already seen my Smaug Shorts as a pretty good example of that. When it comes to fun and wacky, my latest pair of shorts leaves the Smaug shorts well in the dust. Yes. They have hedgehogs all over them. In green and fuchsia purple: I just couldn’t resist when the fabric came in at Made Marion Craft.  It’s a beautifully soft cotton drill, and Hedgehog Girl is my superhero alter ego after all (she rescues hedgehogs). I know it’s slightly ridiculous to wear hedgehog shorts when you’re on the dark side of 30, but I’ve embraced the fact that slightly ridiculous is something I’m OK with being. Fuchsia and bamboo green on taupe-grey isn’t the …

The 1921 Daisies & the Devil's Handiwork dress

Looking back at 2017, looking forward to 2018

It’s that time again!  (slightly late, as usual).  Time to reflect on 2017, and look forward to 2018. When I first looked back at 2017,  I was kind of depressed.  I accomplished a maximum of 4 of the 10 goals I set for myself.  And honestly, I’m not totally happy with 2 of the 4.  🙁 At first I was really depressed thinking about how little I got done.  The more I started writing this post, and breaking down what I actually did in 2017 the happier I felt.  It wasn’t what I planned, but I did really well, and I coped with a lot of unexpected hiccups and stress. If I’m learning anything as I get older, and slightly wiser, it’s that I expect too much of myself all the time.  The more I can learn to let go, accept my limitations, and be content with what I do achieve, the happier I’ll be.  I’m learning to do that. I’m getting better at reminding myself that launching one pattern is more work than the …

Wearing History's Nanette Blouse

The Wearing History Nanette Blouse

I was super excited when Wearing History announced the 1930s Nanette Blouse Pattern, because: 1) it’s adorable, and; 2) I’ve been looking for a ‘girlie’ take on a formal shirt to wear with tails (well, waistcoat and trousers, I usually abandon the tails after 3 minutes), for AGES, and the Nanette Blouse was the perfect design. I was even more excited when Lauren offered me a review copy.  Yay!  Free vintage pattern goodness! So I got the pattern for free.  However my opinions on the pattern are totally my own, and not influenced by the free-ness of the pattern. The Fabric: My sewing goal was for my blouse to be ultra-feminine, but also to clearly reference the idea of a formal shirt. I absolutely love the white blouse shown on the cover of the pattern.  I wanted to replicate its sheer-sleeve and opaque body effect. A rummage in my fabric stash unearthed a white silk tissue with a slightly crepe thread, and a subtle stripe effect.  It wasn’t an absolutely ideal fabric, but it was the …