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Felicity the sewing cat

The Rules According to Felicity

#1 Thou Shalt Not Touch the Tummy I will show it off all I want, but your fingers and my tums better not make contact. The Leimomi-Person is allowed to kiss it, but no-one else is. #2 Thou Wilt Be Slept With If you take a nap in the house, I take a nap with you. At least for a little bit. No matter how exciting the other things going on are. That’s the rule. #3 If Multiple Beds are Occupied I Sleep With the Leimomi-Person Sometimes when the Leimomi-Person or the Man-Person is nice and warm and makes lots of annoying cough-y bark-y sounds the other one sleeps in the guest bedroom. The Leimomi-Person must be slept with, so I sleep with her no matter what bed she’s in. #4 Guests Must Be Greeted If you knock and stand outside the front door talking to the People you are not a guest. You are an Interloper and should be viewed with caution and suspicion from behind the safety of the Person. If you stand …

Felicity the Sewing Cat and the Scroop Augusta Stays

Felicity helps with the Augusta Stays

Something fun for the end of the weekend: a little documentation of how much Felicity helped with the Augusta Stays. From the cutting out: To making buckram: To boning the stays: And to all the hand-sewing: Including the unpicking of handsewing… (note sad kitty) So much work! Look at how exhausted she is: What a helpful kitty!