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Felicity helps with the Selina Blouse

Felicity helps with the Selina Blouse

It’s been too long since I did a Felicity post.  I don’t want to turn into the kind of blogger-becomes-patternmaker who only blogs about their patterns.  But… all my cute recent photos of Felicity are of her getting involved with making the Selina Blouse pattern and samples! So I hope you’ll forgive another Selina post, as long as it involved Felicity adorableness. Felicity helped with every bit of the Selina Blouse. She had her paw in on the initial pattern development: And applied her expertise to choosing fabric for the pattern samples, and making the models comfortable: I only lie on the highest quality fabrics And making sure I took cuddle breaks: Then she helped keep my blood pressure nice and elevated by sleeping on the in-progress samples whenever they were full of pins. Not stabby enough… Ah, perfect… I guess she likes to live dangerously even while she sleeps! She also agreed to sleep on non-pinny things, as long as it caused maximum inconvenience: Oh, were you cutting here? Or sewing these? On this? …

Felicity the sewing cat

The Rules According to Felicity

#1 Thou Shalt Not Touch the Tummy I will show it off all I want, but your fingers and my tums better not make contact. The Leimomi-Person is allowed to kiss it, but no-one else is. #2 Thou Wilt Be Slept With If you take a nap in the house, I take a nap with you. At least for a little bit. No matter how exciting the other things going on are. That’s the rule. #3 If Multiple Beds are Occupied I Sleep With the Leimomi-Person Sometimes when the Leimomi-Person or the Man-Person is nice and warm and makes lots of annoying cough-y bark-y sounds the other one sleeps in the guest bedroom. The Leimomi-Person must be slept with, so I sleep with her no matter what bed she’s in. #4 Guests Must Be Greeted If you knock and stand outside the front door talking to the People you are not a guest. You are an Interloper and should be viewed with caution and suspicion from behind the safety of the Person. If you stand …