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TVEO1, 1900s Edwardian corset

Come hear me talk about corsets at Fibre Fest at Te Manawa

On Sunday the 8th of March I’ll be part of Fibre Fest at Te Manawa in Palmerston North, talking about corsets and corset history Buckram & Bones: Corset Materials & Construction 1700-1930 Explore the construction techniques and materials used in support undergarments, from cane & whalebone stays in the 1700s, through corded Victorian corsets and the introduction of front busks, to the move towards streamlined unders in the 20th century.   You’ll get to see original historical corsets from Toi Whakaari’s historic costume collection, and handle reproduction stays & corsets by Leimomi.   I’m on at 1!

Ladies Home Journal, June 1910

Some social commentary on corsets, 1910

I bought the June 1910 issue of the Ladies Home Journal (it was the American Fashion Number!) when I was in the US, and thought I should share this fascinating piece of corset related social commentary from it with you: And if you can’t quite read that one: So many layers! The anti-tightlacing message, right as longline corsets came into fashion. The message that corsets should be looser, without even a hint of a suggestion that they should be left off. The weird overtones about fertility. The use of ‘man’ and ‘girl’. The idea that women dress for men. The mansplaining…

A quick guide to corset & stay styles from 1750 to 1850

In last week’s (well, almost week before lasts at this point!)  Five for Friday post, when I discussed transitional stays, and succumbing to the temptation to make ‘reenactor style’ Regency stays* (which, you will be pleased to hear, I have not!), I didn’t make it clear what either was.  So naturally, people asked! I was going to just write about transitional stays and reenactor stays, but how can you write about a transition if you don’t show what something is transitioning from, and towards?  And how can I show something is a reenactorism if I don’t show what the reality was?  I realised that both needed more background, and deserved complete posts. So, here is the slightly longer, more complicated, post with a history of supportive undergarments (i.e. stays and corsets – read this post for the difference between the two) from 1750 to 1850.  This  is intended as a very general introduction to the way the types of supportive undergarments period, rather than an in-depth exploration.  One could easily write a full blog post …