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Pet ruffles

When I posted about the Little Bit of Ribbon hat I mentioned that it was my ‘easy’ entry for the HSF ‘Embellish‘ challenge, and that I was planning a much more elaborate embellishment. The more elaborate embellishment was ruffles for my pet-en-l’aire.  Now, this sound pretty easy – just pleat up the fabric and sew it on, right? Except that first I had to cut the last teeny tiny pieces of my silk that were left over from making the pet into strips, and sew them together, and then I had to hand-hem all the edges of that silk with teeny-tiny rolled hems (yes, thanks to the extensive discussion we had on pet trim, I know a full rolled hem isn’t historical, but it was a necessity with this fabric).  And remember how tricky that fabric was to work with in the first place?  Yeah, it hasn’t gotten any easier with time. Plus, it takes a lot of metreage to pleat up into a fairly small amount of ruffle. How much?  Well, I did 8.8 …

Tea times two

Here are a few more photos from the Afternoon Tea fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House.   There is a funny story behind why I am posting these photos involving certain people thinking that the gorgeous Rachel (who is wearing Japonisme, which I almost always wear) was me, because I didn’t post any photos of me.  Flattering as that is, I thought I’d best post some of me to clear up any confusion!

Afternoon tea at the Coronation Cafe

Today I gave a talk on the interaction between tea and fashion at an afternoon tea charity fundraiser for Ronald McDonald house. It was held at the Coronation Cafe at the Museum of Wellington City and Sea – a charming venue themed around a display of reproduction British crown jewels made for the New Zealand centennial.  We had tea, I talked, we visited with guests, lots of photos were taken, and a lovely time was had by all. Many thanks to the wonderful Daniil for being the photographer!