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Dress and Spencer, c. 1820, Silk:alpaca mixture, trimmed with silk, The John Bright Collection

Rate the Dress: Romantic Era Warmth

We’ve been having very spring-y weather in Wellington, by which I mean changeable. It’s very four seasons in one day! Wind, rain, sun, and then back again. So I’ve picked a Rate the Dress for changeable temperatures – although it probably wouldn’t do well in a good spring shower. Last Week: an 1860s day dress in bright blue Last week’s bright blue 1860s number had two distinct pools: it’s fabulous (but badly displayed) and; those shoulders and sleeves are just terrible under any circumstances. The Total: 8.7 out of 10 Not bad, if not as brilliant as the colour. This week: a 1820s dress & spencer ensemble So many of you loved last week’s bright blue, but you know I’m always a fan of white-on-white texture, or (in this case) palest blush on ivory texture. This 1820s ensemble consists of a dress, and a spencer to wear over the dress. The silk fabrics, light colour and elaborate trims suggest both pieces were for very fine occasions. By itself the dress could be worn to dinners, and …

Dinner dress, ca. 1820, British, silk, cotton, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2009.300.3370

Rate the Dress: Chine for Dinner

My Rate the Dress choices have been all mixed up when it comes to themes lately: we had a ball, and than an evening in in a dressing gown, and now we’re having dinner, with an 1820s dress that is subdued from a distance, but interesting up close.  Can it keep up the string of 9+ ratings?  Let’s find out! Last week:  An 1880s dressing gown While you loved the embroidery and the overall review was extremely positive, the dressing gown’s silhouette came in for a bit of criticism, as did the cord belt. Unfortunately for those who didn’t like it, I’m 90% sure the style of belt is accurate (and think there is a good chance the one shown is the original), based on images of similar robes in catalogues of the period.  I’ll have to do a bit of research and see if I can find the images I’m thinking of. The Total: 9.4 out of 10 It’s nice to know a dressing gown can impress almost as much as a lovely ballgown! …