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Evening dress, 1817, patterned silk gauze called 'Madras lace' with silk satin trim, Fashion Museum Bath

Rate the Dress: the new look in lace, 1810s style

This week I’ve picked a Rate the Dress that includes some of the romantic historicism of last week, and some very new technology as well. How will it fare in comparison? Last Week: an 1870s dress with 18th century inspiration Ratings on last week’s dress were quite divided: a solid grouping of 8-10 scores, and then another cluster of 5-6 scores. Interestingly, raters who I recognise as usually anti-frou-frou were quite willing to like this one, whereas some of you who are generally more positive of the extremely-sweet weren’t so keen on this one.  So a dress to subvert usual reactions… The Total: 7.7 out of 10 Although it’s hardly a stellar rating, and not many of you commented, I was extremely pleased with last week’s Rating.  As at ratings closing time it totalled 100.5.  So close to perfectly round! This week: an 1810s dress with spotted lace and scalloped trim This week’s Rate the dress blends historicism with a robust appreciation for the latest trends, and the latest technology. The puffed sleeves of this …