Author: The Dreamstress

Evening Dress, silk and blonde lace, 1815, said to have been worn by Miss Mary Ann Knapp and Miss Sarah Ann Knapp, who were born in 1802 and 1803, respectively, Helen Larson private collection sold by Whitakers Auctions

Rate the Dress: Yellow & Blonde late Regency

I have a confession. This week’s Rate the Dress is a backup. I had the perfect thing picked out, but when I when to write up this post…the MFA Boston’s collection website was down! So I grabbed a random thing off my Rate the Dress possibilities list. And that’s what you get! Last Week a 1920s dress of voided velvet in vibrant orange Not everyone was sure that they personally could get away with wearing last week’s 20s frock. For me that’s the joy of Rate the Dress: appreciating all the things that wouldn’t suit you, but are still masters of what they are! Despite the little question about wearability, most of you loved the frock. A couple couldn’t get past that classic ’20s shape, and a few of you pointed out that it really was just a very basic 20s dress, albeit in a very nice fabric. The Total: 9.5 out of 10 Most appropriately to its colour, I think we could say this was a marmalade dress, instead of a marmite dress. Significantly …