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Mourning the Lost Soles

You’re out for a walk in Medieval costumes, and you only get halfway down the (admittedly very long driveway) and someone’s shoe decides to bite the dust. And then, like an absolute chucklehead, instead of getting her to stand there awkwardly on one foot while someone runs back to the house for backup shoes, you suggest that you should form a litter and carry her back to a handy log to sit on.

Four people in Medieval costume imitate poses from illuminated manuscripts. On the left a woman in a red hood and green-yellow gown raises her arm. Next to her a woman in a pink dress and white wimple holds her hands demurely in front of her. In front of her a woman in a pink-purple dress and grey hood gestures. On the far right a man in a green tunic and yellow leggings raises a hand.

A bit of Medieval Mischief

We had a mixed-up Historical Sew and Eat Retreat this year, with a day of 18th century, and a day of Medieval.  Enjoy a bunch of photos of costumers of varying levels of expertise in 14th century English, French and Swedish fashions, and their time-travelling Viking friend!