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Things I sew – historical and modern

Image shows two women in 18th century dress in a fern filled wood, their backs to the camera.

My Historical Sew Monthly 2021: a historical sewing round up.

What I like most, looking back at my Historical Sew Monthly 2021 makes, is that while I was prolific, I was also frugal and environmentally friendly.  Quite a few of these items were made from re-fashioned items.  The vast majority of the remainder were made from stash fabric (often originally thrifted) rather than new.  And all of them were carefully and thoughtfully made, and will get lots of use.  It’s a very good feeling.  

Making 18th century pockets,

18th century pockets to go with my Amalia Jacket

Let’s be honest, for all the awesome things about 18th century womenswear, pockets are probably the most awesome. Pockets big enough to fit ALL your stuff?  The best!  Moveable pockets that you can take from outfit to outfit without having to take everything out?  Even better!  Pockets that can be made out of anything from the most awesome fabric, to the smallest collection of scraps, and can be anything from un-decorated to elaborately embroidered?  The dream. (While panier pockets that you can literally stuff your entire picnic into are amazing, I think that hanging pockets still take the (figurative, if not literal) cake, because you can still sit in normal chairs while wearing them). Despite my unabashed love of 18th c pockets, I’ve been making do with my not-very-historical bugs & birds pockets from 2019  under my 18th c costumes. When I cut out my blue and white chintz Amalia jacket, one of my cutting goals was to have enough left over to make pockets, without compromising the layout of the chintz pattern on the …