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Meet the Making at the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Museum

Come sew with me at the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Museum!

This year I had the privilege of curating an exhibition at the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Museum. Meet the Making looks at the details of clothing items from the Museum’s collection, and the people and social history behind the clothing trends.  It’s on until 26 June, and you should definitely go see it if you’re in Wellington. Plus, there are special events to go with it! Come along on Sunday the 12th of June, from 3-4:30, for a stitching circle. I’ll show how some of the techniques in the exhibition were done, and bring along one of my own historical sewing projects to show off.  Bring along your own sewing (or not – handwork is not required!) and learn a bit as you meet other Wellington makers. More information on the KM Birthplace website.   And for those of you who can’t make it, I gave a talk to go with the exhibition, and it’s now available online. I don’t sound too bad in it either, for someone who had just got over a rather nasty …

Toi Whakaari Costume Showcase 2021

Costume Showcase 2021: Livestreaming 2nd Oct 6:30 NZDT!!!

It’s back!  For the second year in a row, Toi Whakaari’s Costume Showcase will be livestreamed! Join us virtually on the 2 October, 6:30 PM NZDT (that’s 7:30pm Friday the 1st in Hawai’i, 10:30pm Friday the 1st in California, 1:30am Sat the 2nd on the East Coast, 6:30am Sat the 2nd in London, and 1:30pm Sat the 2nd in Singapore). What is Costume Showcase? Costume Showcase is the culmination of the years work for the Costume Construction students I teach at Toi Whakaari The New Zealand Drama School. At the start of the year the 2nd year students chose a costume design to bring to life.  It could be something from a piece of art, a costume design done for a film or show, a fashion plate, or something from a video game or anime, etc.  They just can’t be something they designed themselves (it’s a Diploma in Costume Construction, not Costume Design), and it has to be a design, not a made costume or garment. Over the course of the year they research and …