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Afternoon tea at the Coronation Cafe

Today I gave a talk on the interaction between tea and fashion at an afternoon tea charity fundraiser for Ronald McDonald house. It was held at the Coronation Cafe at the Museum of Wellington City and Sea – a charming venue themed around a display of reproduction British crown jewels made for the New Zealand centennial.  We had tea, I talked, we visited with guests, lots of photos were taken, and a lovely time was had by all. Many thanks to the wonderful Daniil for being the photographer!  

Let there be light

During our photoshoot at the old Dominion Museum building Theresa noticed the huge stained glass windows.  I’ve posed in these windows before, with limited success (tricky, tricky lighting), but I think this series turned out much better – if only because it makes me laugh. Theresa gave very detailed directions about my face and hands.  She kept telling me to look up toward the light, and then to point “no, don’t just gesture, point!” I stood.  I looked towards the light.  I gestured. I pointed.  I tried very, very hard to keep a straight face.  Theresa said “let their be light!” and there was.

Balconies, staircases and ballrooms

I’ve been having fun editing down the pictures from my photoshoot with Theresa.  I love so many of them, and part of me wants to show you them all, but I don’t want to overwhelm you, and…uh…I’m feeling a little vain.  When I’m not feeling incredibly pleased with myself 😉 And, because I’ve finally figured out a proper gallery format (well, Emily figured it out for me, but the point is that now I have it), and I’m super excited about it, the pictures as a gallery (with a few bonus images).