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Review: Folkwear #210 Armistice Blouse

In designing costumes for the Home Show, I consulted hundreds of photographs of New Zealanders during WWI, and noticed that many women were wearing blouses similar to the classic 1910s blouse pattern: Folkwear #210, the Armistice Blouse.  I’ve had this pattern for years, but never used it.  Perfect opportunity to make it up for Maggie! (apologies in advance for the dreadful photographs of the pattern.  I spent all day hunting for it, and finally found it once the light was gone.  I’ll take better ones tomorrow and replace them) What it is: A pattern based on blouses from 1915-1919.  It’s not clear if the pattern is based on an extent blouse, extent patterns, or just a sampling of the most common blouse characteristics from this period, though I really suspect from making it up that it isn’t 100% historically accurate. It comes with options for a drawn-thread-work front, or a pintucked front, and for lace trim. My version: My version is made of a hard-wearing, washable black silk with a slight slub (I made Mr …

The Frumpy Dress gets a proper outing

I made the Frumpy Dress well over two years now, and I wear it all the time, and I’ve never really gotten proper pictures of me wearing it. But Yay for Art Deco Weekend!  The perfect excuse for an early 30s dress. My only regret is that I didn’t wear it with bright red lipstick.  It’s so pretty with bright red lipstick. Instead, I wore it with my Neo oxford pumps, my marcasite and cameo necklace, and a vintage tan leather handbag which I found in an op-shop three days before the Art Deco festival, and was ridiculously delighted with because I think matching shoes and bag is so important for the vintage look. I started out the day in a little blue hat that I bought from Claire (and which she immediately borrowed back to wear with her dress!), and finished it with a big grey blue and cream sunhat (perfect for the dress, very late 20s/early 30s, but dreadful for photographs and seeing where you are going!).

The best Art Deco Weekend accessory ever

Yes, I totally hauled my sewing machine all the way to Napier for Art Deco Weekend.  That’s me, sitting on the floor of the dorm room between two bunks, with the sewing machine on a little table 18″ off the ground, the iron cord curling around me, just finishing up the ‘Little Bit of Red’ dress.  On Saturday night.  And I wore the dress on Sunday. Yeah…  that’s how I got everything done! Check out my twist-curled hair. Fun as it was, I’m never doing that again!