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NZ Sew & Eat Historical Retreat Food

The Sew & Eat Historical Retreat – the food

Aren’t you glad that the Otari Hoodie Sew Along is finished? First, it means that some of you have awesome hoodies that you can wear.  And second, it means that I can stop blogging hoodie instructions, and go back to blogging about random historical things, and whatever else I’m working on. Right now, the ‘random historical things’ means catching up on all the stuff I haven’t been blogging about while I was hoodie-ing, starting with the Sew & Eat Historical Retreat. I promised menu details in my first post, so here is more information. The real credit for the menu and cooking goes to Nina, who put together all the more spectacular and involved items, most of which I would never dare attempt*.  Hopefully she’ll blog more details about her food, so mine will be a briefer overview. I didn’t manage to photograph everything, as I got too excited about actually eating things, and just having fun. Friday Dinner: ‘Malaga-tawnee Curee’ with potted hare Friday’s dinner was based on two extent Regency curry recipes (one belonging …

Mansfield & the Modern Woman

Mansfield & the Modern Woman

My talk on Katherine Mansfield, the New Zealand Suffrage movement, and the changing roles of women in the late 19th and early 20th century was last weekend at the NZ Portrait Gallery. It went off beautifully, thanks to assistance from students from Toi Whakaari The New Zealand Drama School, who modelled and assisted as dressers. The talk coincided with the exhibition: Katherine Mansfield: A Portrait, which includes depictions of Mansfield by various artists, from the famous Anne Estelle Rice portrait, to more modern interpretations of Mansfield. They art provided an interesting counterpoint to the models in their outfit.  The costumes illustrate the development of more modern ideals and roles for women in fashion, and the different facets of the ‘modern woman’ that emerged in Mansfield’s lifetime.  The artworks show the different ways in which people view and interpret Mansfield: the facets of her personality. After the talk the models enjoyed the other, equally appropriate exhibition, Worn Identities: And the bookstore: And then we moved out to the waterfront for photos: (it is a truth universally …

Ruffled unders at Ruffles & Rebellion

Mansfield & the Modern Woman: a fashion history talk

Need some fashion history in your weekend? Come hear me talk about Katherine Mansfield, the New Zealand suffrage movement, and ideals and archetypes of femininity in late 19th & early 20th c New Zealand – all illustrated with models in gorgeous costumes. Mansfield & the Modern Woman New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Shed 11  Sunday, 7th October, 1pm Free This talk is part of Mansfield 130 and Suffrage 125 There will be models in gorgeous dresses, fabulous artwork, and interesting history.  What’s not to love? If you aren’t able to come in person, enjoy some of the media coverage of me in preparation for the event: I talk about sewing, books, films, and more on Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan on RadioNZ The Fortnight in 1916 and some corset mythbusting in the Herald.