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Scroop 1st anniversary sale ad

Know what April 1st is?

Nope, not April Fools day!  It’s the one-year anniversary of Scroop Patterns!   Obviously it’s time to celebrate! So….there is going to be a sale! 20% off every Scroop Pattern!   (Yay!  Yay!  Hooray!) Sale starts 8am April 1st and goes until 8am April 8th (NZ times). So, start saving your pennies*, planning your wardrobe and spreading the word! Check back in on Friday the 31st for the sale code! *or, if you live in NZ, your 10 cent pieces, because we don’t have anything smaller!

Scroop Henrietta Maria with a drawstring waist

How to add a drawstring waist to the Scroop Henrietta Maria Dress

I’ve already shown how to add an elastic waistband to the Scroop Henrietta Maria dress, but there is another way to add waist definition (other than the simplest of all: wearing a belt, of course!): with a drawstring. Here is how to create a drawstring on the Henrietta Maria.  This technique will work on any loose, straight-cut dress, so feel free to adapt it for other garments. You’ll be marking the waistband, working buttonholes for the drawstring to enter and exit through, sewing a casing channel, and then threading the drawstring through.  Easy! You’ll need: Ribbon or twill tape for a drawstring – under 1/2″ wide, and long enough to go around your waist, tie in a nice bow, and hang down an attractive amount. 2.5cm/1″ wide single-fold bias tape, as long as the finished waist measure of your Henrietta Maria (measure around your finished dress, or refer to the Finished Garment measurements in the pattern) + 15cm/6″. Chalk or fabric markers for marking A french curve or ruler. A scrap of lightweight fusible interfacing, approximately 5cm/2″ …

Scroop Skirt slip tutorial

Tutorial: How to make a skirt slip from the Scroop Wonder Unders Dress Slip (the super-easy way)

The Scroop Wonder Unders Knickers, Singlet Camisole & Slip pattern doesn’t come with a skirt slip piece, but it’s super easy to make a skirt slip from the pattern. Here’s the quick under-1-hour way to make a skirt slip from the pattern.  Next week I’ll show you the fancy 2-hour lace edged, side slit version. Fabric & Pattern Size You’ll want to use the same type of fabric you use for the Scroop Singlet Camisole or Dress Slip.  If you want to wear your skirt slip as an under-layer, you’ll need to pick a slippery, non-static stretch fabric, such as a lingerie tricot knit, or a stretch satin. Start with the Scroop Wonder Unders Singlet Camisole & Dress Slip pattern pieces: If you’re using a fabric with the same stretch as called for in the rest of the Scroop Wonder Unders pattern (30%-50% stretch in one directions (two-way stretch), or 25%-45% stretch in both directions (four-way stretch)) you can use the pattern in exactly the same size as you’d use it for the dress slip. If …