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Gossard Corsets ad, The Designer Oct 1916,

The Ideal WWI era figure: Part I

As a celebration (slightly belatedly) of the release of the Scroop Rilla Corset, over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a series post about the ‘ideal’ figure from 1913 to 1921 – the period covered by the Rilla corset. I’ll be covering how the figure ideal changed from 1914 to 1921, how corsets and other undergarments were used to achieve the ideal figure and ‘correct’ the less than ideal figure, and how to wear a 1910s corset if you are ‘large above the waist’, and how to fit the Rilla to your figure. Of course, in any era, beauty is in the eye of the beholder: what the ideal figure is depends on who is describing it, so there are lots of variations.  Part of the reason I really love the 1914-1921 period is that it covers a vast range of fashionable silhouettes within that 7 year range, even within a single year, and with so many different waistlines, necklines, skirt silhouettes and overall ‘looks’, there is a mid-teens style for every body. To …

Madame O's Rilla Corset by Scroop Patterns

Madame O’s embroidered Rilla Corset

I had a fantastic group of testers for the Scroop Rilla Corset, and they all made amazing corsets. With every Scroop Patterns I select testers from all over the world, to make sure that the instructions are universally clear and comprehensive, but I always try to have at least one local tester, so I can see their resulting garment in person. With the Rilla that was particularly fun, as Madame O was one of my local testers, and she embellished her test corset with her fabulous embroidery (remember the embroidered buttons she made for this wedding dress?).  And she’s let me photograph and share it! This is a test version of the Rilla Pattern, so doesn’t look exactly like the finished pattern does (the main differences are the shape of the front cut out), and Madame O tried single boning construction to see how it would work (answer: not nearly as well as double, so stick to the pattern!).   SaveSave

Meet the Scroop Rilla Corset – the perfect WWI era corset pattern!

Meet the newest Scroop Pattern: the Rilla Corset, a historically accurate World War I era corset pattern that is easy and detailed enough for even the total corset novice to tackle. Buy it here!   The Rilla Corset pattern came out of my search for the perfect WWI corset pattern for my Fortnight in 1916, and the realisation that what I wanted in a corset pattern of the era simply didn’t exist as a commercial pattern. The Rilla Corset is based on an original PD Marvella corset by Belgian corset manufacturer PD Corsets. The Marvella was one of the best-selling corsets worldwide in the second half of the 1910s, making the Rilla corset the most accurate representation of what the average woman wore during the period, and the perfect base for WWI and early 1920s costuming. With extensive instructions, and advice on achieving the correct fit for the era, the Rilla was designed to be an easy make for sewers with some corsetmaking experience, or a good introduction to corsetmaking for the moderately advanced sewer …