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Scroop Patterns + Virgil’s Fine Goods Call for Testers

Amber and I want to make sure that our first pattern is as fabulous as possible, so we need testers to help us with that! We’ve already asked a number of testers with specialised skills, so we’re only looking for a few extra testers, but if you’d like to be one of them, keep reading to learn more, and how to apply… The Pattern: 1780s stays which can be made using fully historically accurate techniques, or simpler theatrical techniques. They feature synthetic whalebone (German Plastic) boning, back lacing, and adjustable half-front lacing or a smooth front. Testers: This is an advanced pattern, and we’re looking for testers with prior historical sewing and corsetmaking experience. To be a tester you will also need to: be able to print patterns in A4, A0, US Letter or US full sized Copyshop paper sizes have the time to sew up the item if you agree to be a tester for it – you’ll have one month to completely finish it.  be able to photograph your make being worn, and …

Scroop Patterns + Virgil’s Fine Goods = 18th century awesomeness

I am so excited to announce that Scroop Patterns is going to be collaborating with Amber of Virgil’s Fine Goods to create historically accurate 18th century (and, if those go well, Regency) patterns! Historically accurate print-at-home PDF 18th century patterns have long been top of my costuming wish-list. Out here in NZ, ordering any of the ones from overseas takes weeks, and is extremely expensive. Even if you’re not so far-flung, PDF patterns means that you can buy, print, and get working on your item all within the same hour. (and yes, we’ll be doing paper patterns too!) I’ve considered doing 18th century patterns for Scroop Patterns, but I don’t feel I have the depth of experience needed to make really amazing Georgian patterns: there aren’t enough 18th c garments in NZ for me to study, or experts to learn from. And I really wouldn’t want to do them unless I could be sure they were really, really good. I thought about who did have the experience, and Amber was the obvious choice. She combines …

Ooops! Yes, the Scroop Patterns sale is still on!

Oh no! It appears there was a glitch in Shopify this morning, and some of you who were trying to take advantage of the Scroop Patterns sale mistakenly got a message that the sale code had expired.  This is wrong! The sale is definitely still on for another 9 hours! I’ve re-checked and re-set everything, so it’s all running smoothly again. So… Get 20% off all digital patterns at until midnight tonight, NZ time (NZ time – so that’s now to the 17th of May for most of the rest of the world). Use the code: MumsTheWord At checkout to get your discount!