Portfolio: Pallas and Stola

Inspiration and Sources:

A 1st century CE palla and stola for a fashionable young Pompeiian matron, as seen in the Pompeiian art below.

The Dress Diary:

Fabric and Materials:

Mauve polished wool, and hand-dyed aqua wool gauze.  Metal and shell button fibulae


  • Stola
  • Stola
  • Pallium
  • Fibula
  • Gorsline, Douglas. What People Wore, Dover Publishing, New York, 1994.  Pages 14-15
  • Black, J Anderson and Garland, Madge.  A History of Fashion, Orbis Publishing, London, 1975.  Pages 60-69

Inspiration Art:

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  1. Mlle. Sophie says

    I’m making a Roman dress for a local competition. I really want it to be amazing, but I have no experience in this time period. (I’m Georgian through and through (-: ) Do you have any suggestions of websites where I could find inspiration and tips? You do amazing work!


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