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The ‘Bambi & Bows’ 1929 dress

Whew!  A day late, but my dress for the HSF ‘Pink’ challenge is done! Things got held up by a nasty attack of hayfever, which turned into a nasty cold.  And at the same time I’ve got a massive, top-secret, super-exciting project to work on: the biggest project I’ve ever had.  And it’s amazing.  And due on the 28th.  And in the meantime I’ve got a trip away to Napier’s Art Deco weekend, and a trip away to Auckland on the weekend of the 2nd of March. So for a while not much happened with the fabric except Felicity lying on it: But this weekend I hauled myself out of bed, and, with the help of a box of tissues, I alternated an hour on The Project and an hour on my dress, and got it done late on Sunday. As you can tell, the fabric is indeed pink, and features darling fawns with bows around their necks scattered  across it.  The English-language edition of ‘Bambi, A Life in the Woods‘ was published in 1928 …

A ‘life fell on me’ post

I have so much to blog about, so many elaborate posts half started, and SO MUCH TO DO. Life has pretty much fallen on me, and it’s big, and heavy, and all you can see of me are little dreamstress hands and feet sticking out from under it, scrabbling wildly at the ground.  You know how that feels? So the solution to that is cute Felicity-ness:   She’s not helping me get stuff done.  She thinks that my slippery, wibbly, tricksy, every so carefully layed-out and placed chiffon is the perfect place to lie, and why am I glaring at her like that anyway? The rather evil bambi fabric is being turned into this, for the HSF pink challenge: It’s currently driving me crazy because it is so slippery, and it is almost, but not quite, reversible, so you have to keep careful track of fronts and backs as you work with it, and the pattern is asymmetrical, so everything has to be cut out unfolded. So that’s my life (wiggles hand goodbye from under it).

HSF Challenge #23: the Ettie Mae Hooverette Dress

When it came time for the HSF Challenge #23: Gratitude (make something utilises the tutorials, patterns and research that so many of the historical costuming community make available for free) I was in a bit of a quandary.  I’ve got a list of tutorials and patterns that I want to use that is a mile long, and kilometres of fabric and lace that have been gifted to me by generous people, but every one of these tutorials and patterns was would be a very involved project.  Stupidly I’d scheduled the ‘Generosity’ challenge right at the end of the university semester, and I was up to my neck in marking. What to do!?! I had a browse through the HSF photo albums and finished projects for inspiration, and was reminded again of the Hooverette dress that Jen did for the Robes & Robings challenge.  It’s simple, it’s sweet, I’m madly in love with it, and I want one!  Also, Jen did a bunch of awesome research on Hooverette and wrap dresses from the 20s-40s, making reproducing …