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Wool dress, 1911, part of the wedding trousseau of Vendla Brown b. 1880, Sörmlands Museum, SLM11205A

Rate the Dress: 19teens trousseau

I have Edwardian on my mind, because I just finished a late 1910s dress, and photographed it, and am in love with the era in general. So this week’s Rate the Dress is 1910s, and you get to decide if you’re in love with it in particular. Last week: a crinoline era gown in cobalt blue Sometimes I’m completely surprised by your reaction to a garment. Last week…not so much! It wasn’t hard to guess that the fabric would be quite popular, or that the extremely long berthe might not. (I also feel slightly vindicated that a couple of half-points were lost for fringe 😉 ) The Total: 8.8 out of 10 A very, very good show, but the machine woven perfection of the fabric could not match the heart of the hand-embroidered frock the week before. This week: a 1911 theatre dress, part of a bride’s trousseau This dress was part of the trousseau of Vendla Brown, neé Hallström (1880-1964). According to the musuem, Velda wore it to the theatre the day after her wedding. The …

Evening Gown Of Cream Silk Satin and Orange Silk Taffeta, Hollander, L.P., 1916-1917, USA, silk, pearl beads, chenille yarn, aigrette feathers, Goldstein Museum of Design 1982.016.015

Rate the Dress: Holiday frocks for 1916

Holiday party season has just stepped into high gear here in Wellington, and every venue in town is booked out for the rest of the month.  My seasonal event schedule is sadly lacking in soirées that call for elegant frocks, but I’ve been doing fantasy event shopping in various museum’s collections, finding dresses that I would DEFINITELY wear had I the occasion, and ones that I want to show you, to see what you think of them.  So the next few weeks are going to feature event-worthy (well, maybe) party dresses. Last week: a bright spring green pelisse  Mixed reviews for last week’s dress, with bonus points for some people because the dress looked like a historical superhero costume! I was really intrigued by all the speculation of who it would look good on, and the claims that most women couldn’t carry it off.  Though it’s not easy to find, the pelisse’s fresh green colour looks really good on me – and is one I think of as very flattering on most women, at least in …

Day dress, ca. 1912. The John Bright Collection

Rate the Dress: grape purple & vermillion 1910s

We’re taking a little break from the Otari Hoodie Sew Along for the regularly scheduled Rate the Dress post.  Have you’re say on this week’s historical dress, and then we’re all go on Hoodie sewing again! Last week: Roses & Fringe in the 1910s Some of you loved the dress, but not unreservedly: it only got one 10.  And while many of you could overlook the butt-heart, by and large you did not like the fringe. Despite my hate of fringe, I actually loved last week’s dress.  It reminds me of the Miss Universe dresses that represent each country.  It’s like there was a Miss Universe pageant in 1910, and Hawai’i participated with the most tasteful of the themed dresses.  Orchids, flower leis, and a nod to a grass skirt. The Total: 7.6 out of 10 There have definitely been better received 1910s evening dresses! This week: I usually like to mix up my eras in Rate the Dress, but today I’m breaking with tradition and showing a dress from the same years as last …