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Doilie, doily, doyley, doiley, d’oyley or d’oilie?

I came across a copy of the Girl’s Own Paper from 1912, and was very intrigued by the handwork section, and in particular, by the spellings in the handwork section. You see, the Girl’s Own Paper spells doily d’oilie. How peculiar!  At first I thought it might just have been an old-fashioned term for doily, and I have never noticed it before. To make matters more confusing, the magazines ads spell it d’oyley So I thought a bit more, and realised that I was sure I had read 19th century articles about doilies, and d’oyleys, but never d’oilies. So I did a bit of research, and guess what?  I can’t find a single mention of d’oilies or by that spelling in anything but the Girl’s Own Paper. New Zealand newspapers from the turn of the century spell it doily, d’oyley, doyley, and doilie, with the first spelling being vastly more common, and the last only appearing for a brief period at the turn of the century. But why all the variants? I think I have …

How to Wear the New Furs: Christmas 1911

As winter closes in here in the Southern hemisphere, it seems a good time to show you a fascinating article from the Girl’s Own Paper, Christmas 1911, explaining the styles of furs in that winter: The magazine also presents a selection of charming fur styles: And I thought you might enjoy a close up at our feature model: It’s certainly different from our modern attitude towards fur isn’t it!  And I had no idea that fur colours, and the type of fur, changed in style!