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Early 1930s Patterns, part II of III – the Excella Patterns

On May 18 I showed you half of my early 1930s Excella patterns.  Here are the rest (and one non-Excella pattern just to mix things up). I adore this one.  That wrapping scarf.  So swish!  I’m waiting on the right time to make the whole dress, but I have made the skirt part as a business skirt, which I loved and wore to death. Isn’t this one so adorable?  It just sings of sweetness.  I’m not sure the top and skirt go together though.  Maybe if the ruffle and contrast pieces were in the same fabric? This dress is possibly the simplest, but may very well be my favourite.  Such lovely simplicity of line. From simple to sophistication.  Va-va voom! And this one may be my least favourite.  It feels like Excella needed to make a pattern, and so they just married some bog-standard dress elements to make a new design.  Couple of skirt panels, some simple sleeve variants, cowl neck, tie it together with a sash.  Eh.  Good enough. Doesn’t this one just say …

Early 1930s Patterns, part I of III – the Excella Patterns

I’m lucky enough to own a couple dozen early 1930s (possibly even late 1920s in some cases) patterns, most by Excella.  I thought I would put my pattern collection up for other people to use as reference and inspiration.  This is 1/3 of the 30s collection.  The others will be coming soon. I was given these patterns in the condition they are in now – with the vintage envelopes adhered to new Manila envelopes.  It’s lovely and practical, but without the guilt of having altered the original pattern envelopes myself! Someday I’ll get around to putting these up on the Vintage Pattern Wiki (no, please don’t do it for me!) I’ve never figured out how I feel about the circular skirt join on this one: This is the pattern responsible for the Frumpy Dress, and the Summertime Southerly dress.  It is also where I think the patterns transition from 1920s to 1930s. And this is the pattern responsible for the Red Lips Kiss My Blue Away frock, which started out without the hip flounces as …

Anyone for tap pants?

I’m in the last stages of preparing for next Sunday’s tap pants class at Made Marion. My life is all about checking patterns and sizing, redrafting, and making sure I have the best possible technique figured out. And I’m excited! There are a few spaces left in the class, so if you know anyone in Wellington who might be interested – spread the word! To inspire you, here is Madge Bellamy in her wedding lingerie in White Zombie: Awww!  Aren’t those tap pants adorable! And here are some of the ones I’ve made: So whether you want to call them French knickers, cami-knickers, tap pants, or lingerie shorts, come and make them next Sunday!