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Art Deco wardrobe planning

This year, for the first time ever, I’m going to Napier’s Art Deco Weekend.  I’ve tried to go in the past, but things have come up. But this year, unless something happens in the next 5 days, it’s actually happening!  Three days of 30s clothes and dancing! Being crazy and ambitious I’m planning a specific wardrobe.  It’s based around the idea of what a well-off girl from Hawaii would have taken for a trip to Napier to visit family in early 1933*. So all my clothes will be from the very end of the 1920s and the early 30s. I’m going with a red, white & blue theme, to organise my design and keep my accessories down.  I’ve got a pinterest board with inspiration. But don’t think it will be all patriotic and nautical red, white & blue!  Here is my fabric pile: I’m hoping to make two evening dresses, one out of white  lace with black lace that looks like this: With this: And one of blue lace in a cut very similar to …

Emile/Neil the Zombie killer

I don’t have nearly as many pictures of Emile as Elizabeth, but I did get a great series from an acting session of total awesomeness. Emile was practicing the scene where he confronts the zombies and Murder Legendre, and they got a bunch of people to stand around him and yell “GRRrarrr!” and he turned and “shot’ the person as they yelled.  I got 20 photos in under a minute as he jumped from side to side. Along with the 3 hour jacket Emile is wearing a pair of jodhpurs from a costume shop that I altered slightly, dreadful riding boot patterned gumboots (rubber wellys), and a linen shirt.  

White Zombie and the 3 hour jacket

Originally I was only contracted to make Elizabeth/Madge’s shroud dress for the PorcelainToy White Zombie music video, but a few days before shooting began it became clear that the jacket they had found for Emile to wear as Neil just wasn’t cutting it, so I said I would whip up something. And whip up something was right:  I was still making last minute adjustments to the dress and embroidering pearls on it at every opportunity, so I didn’t have a lot of spare time.  The jacket was going to have to be fast and easy, and adjustable: I had no time for a fitting! So I had a mad rummage through my fabric stash, came up with some calico/muslin* that was the right colour and handle, and then found a jacket pattern I have used for Mr Dreamy.  Luckily Emile of PorcelainToy is almost exactly the same size, so I could be a little less concerned about fit. Even with a good pattern I didn’t have enough time to make a jacket by myself, so …