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The HSF Challenge #26: Celebrate

This is it sewers!  The theme for the final challenge of the year!  Get to this, and we’ve done it! To celebrate our achievement, the theme for Challenge #26 (due 30 December) is Celebrate.  Make something that is celebration worthy, make something that celebrates the new skills you have learned this year, or just make something simple that celebrates the fact that you survived HSF ’13! The possibilities are pretty much limitless.  I have no idea what I’m going to make at this point (I can’t believe I’m posting about it actually) but I can’t wait to see what you make.

Cherries & Cherish: brooches in metal and wood

I’m feeling a little panicked about the HSF, because I’m still behind on my #17 Robes & Robing challenge, and I have a big entry to the #18 Re-Make challenge still to enter (though I did enter two little items), and I’m behind on the 1860s elliptical hoopskirt I’m making for the #19 Wood, Metal, Bone challenge. So, to mollify myself I whipped up two super simple little items that qualify for ‘Wood, Metal, Bone’:   The first, in metal, is a portrait brooch inspired by 18th century portrait brooches and bracelets.   I printed out Ramsay’s Portrait of a Lady on parchment paper and cropped the face to the right dimensions.  I really liked that she was an un-named woman, so that her face didn’t have any connotations other than sweet and appealing. Then I lacquered the paper to finish and preserve it, and when it was dry, inserted it into an old brooch back with extra layers of cardstock to further protect it. The brooch looked to plain as it was, so I …

The HSF Challenge #25: One metre

This is it!  The second to last challenge to be posted! I was a little stuck on this challenge, as all my ideas were either too elaborate and demanding for such a busy time of year, and for the end of a marathon, or too similar to the challenges around it.  So I opened the suggestions up to popular opinion on the HSF facebook group. Clearly you guys weren’t too worried about ‘too elaborate’, as the second most popular suggestion was ‘Copy a Painting’, but the slightly more restrained ‘One yard/metre’ suggestion won out in the end (Make something in under 3 hours was also very popular, which had me a bit worried.  If it ended up taking longer, did you fail the challenge?). So, for Challenge #25, due 16 December, make an item that takes one metre or less fabric (I went with one metre, rather than one yard/or metre to be consistent). So what takes less than 1m of fabric?.  Lot’s of things I’m sure!  I’ve thought of : 1920s & ’30s tap …