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Initial initials

A while back I had a brilliant idea that I could embroidery my initials on some napkins. I have these gorgeous vintage napkins just crying out for a monogram: I should add in advance that I’m pretty average at embroidery, and have never done initials. Did that stop me at all? Nope. There are beginner, average, experienced, and expert sewers and embroiders, and then there are people like me, who’s skill level should be rated as ‘rash’.  Of course I forged ahead. First, I drew my initials.  Of course I practiced beforehand.  My sketchpad looks like a silly highschool girls journal. Then I attempted a satin stitch. Despite my lack of experience, the L came out pretty well on my trial fabric. So, with half an accomplishment, I took time to admire what I had created, and to anticipate how fabulous it was going to look on my finished napkins. Yeah….that…. First off, my ‘O’ wasn’t as good as my L Then the actual napkin fabric was much looser in weave, so wouldn’t embroider nicely. …

Christmas and New Years pogey bait

I was given some lovely costume related pogey bait for Christmas, and I picked up a bit more on my road trip. First, my wonderful in-laws asked me for a wish list, and off of it, they got me…(drumroll here)… And…. I’ll be reviewing all three of these as I use them. Space was limited on the road trip, so all I picked up was these three bits of deliciousness: The mirror has the cutest little wreath motif on the back. It also has some damage, and the tortoiseshell has shrunk, so I’m going to be researching how to conserve it, and blogging about that. Finally, just before Christmas I found these gorgeous embroidered napkins: The handwork is exquisite, and the motifs are all different: I suspect that there was a 6th napkin at some point.  I’ll just have to have 5 person tea parties with this set!