Queen Victoria in her wedding dress, Franz Xavier Winterhalter, 1847

Queen Victoria in her wedding dress, Franz Xavier Winterhalter, 1847

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  1. Lyn says

    Thank you for an interesting article on White weddings. I am not sure what the tradition in New Zealand is regarding weddings, but up until about 15 to 20 years ago they were probably the same here in Oz.
    White wedding as a virginal bride was an expectation of the Christian family for their young women and at least from the turn of the 20th Century. (I have seen a few old photos from the early 1900’s). No matter how poor, a wedding in church as a bride was preferred. Of course some people put the honeymoon before the wedding and it was expected that even if married in church they would not be wearing the full bridal out fit. Two World Wars, the Great Depression and rationing had a great impact on the attire the couple could wear.
    The white wedding is now perceived as an event some time during “the marriage” not at the start, so the white gown is a social statement for the photos, it does not have the same meaning as the Christian Wedding that served Australians for several generations.
    They are no longer the beginning for a young man and woman starting a life together. Although some young people still prefer to start with the wedding as virginal couples. There are always exceptions to the current trends.
    Wedding’s today of a loving man and woman are just as enjoyable to attend as they were 20 years ago.
    Thank you again for your article I enjoyed the photos of Queen Victoria.

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