1. “I like the lace edging?” she says dubiously. (Ick. 2 out of 10.)

    If that color could be called copper (it’s within the range, I think, for new copper) the allegory may be Venus, the planet which rules copper, and thus Aphrodite. Which also fits with that neckline. As it were.

  2. My various thoughts:

    1. MRS. CLAUS!!!
    2. Early Baroque, yes? I like Baroque.
    3. What’s that in her hand? A star map/quasi-astrolabe? A fan?
    4. I’m touched by the wrinkles in her sleeve – at last, evidence that people were somewhat crumpled in real life with all that fabric.

    The dress is more tasteful than I’d expect and an attractive use of fur trim. I’m giving it 8/10.

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