1. fidelio says

    I like this shade, probably because I look good in it.

    I also like this dress, which has a lot of wonderful little subtleties, as you have noted. It’s also right there in the period just before the Romantic era goes haywire and women’s dresses turn into parade floats. 9/10, because it has ruffles and I hate ruffles, even sedate, restrained ruffles like these.

  2. If I were to make an 1840’s dress this would be it. Likely, making that bodice would be so out of my skill level I will be poking my eyes out with my pins though! I just don’t like that color. I look like crap in rust. But a nice dark chocolate brown…. Yup like it 9/10. It looses a point for not being in my favorite eras.

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