1. fidelio says

    I like this shade, probably because I look good in it.

    I also like this dress, which has a lot of wonderful little subtleties, as you have noted. It’s also right there in the period just before the Romantic era goes haywire and women’s dresses turn into parade floats. 9/10, because it has ruffles and I hate ruffles, even sedate, restrained ruffles like these.

  2. If I were to make an 1840’s dress this would be it. Likely, making that bodice would be so out of my skill level I will be poking my eyes out with my pins though! I just don’t like that color. I look like crap in rust. But a nice dark chocolate brown…. Yup like it 9/10. It looses a point for not being in my favorite eras.

  3. I really like this dress. The neckline, nice crisp ruffled sleeves to compliment the flowing skirt to bottom layered ruffles that lay so perfectly.
    Bodice is perfect. How it comes down just straight to a point accents the side gatherings of the skirt to offset the beautiful fit of entire bodice. The embroidery embezzlement in the material makes it elegant. Can just imagine a lovely bonnet with flowers, a crisp bow. Or dainty jewelry. Dress would be lovely in ivory for a ball gown. Or a fancy collar lace or done in white for a wedding. I love it. You did splendidly well. Vibrant color. Delighted. Thank You so much. Joan

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