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The 1921 Daisies & the Devil's Handiwork dress

I’m coming to Costume College! (for the last time)

If you’re going to Costume College 2019, and have read your class schedule in detail, you may have realised that I’m teaching (yay!), but also wondered why I haven’t mentioned it publicly, like I have in previous years. Yes, I’ll be at Costume College, and I’m very excited to see everyone, and to be teaching the following class: Body Ideals & Corsetry: 1900-1930 11-1 on Friday (not 3-5 as shown in the book) (and am very sad they didn’t pick the other class I offered them, on the history of the suffrage movement across the world, in all its form, and its complicated relationship with fashion, because that was going to be a great class, but ah well, more time to socialise and go to other people’s awesome classes). But going this year is also very bittersweet. Unless there is a huge (and completely unexpected and unpredicted) alteration in the global situation, it will be my last Costume College ever. Shortly after booking my tickets and registering for CoCo I realised how bad the climate …

Royal Hawaiian Featherwork: Nā Hulu Ali‘i at LACMA,

The Pacific Influence on Western Fashion – 31 March – New Zealand Portrait Gallery

Come hear me talk about how the Pacific has influenced Western fashion, from 18th century ballgowns made of tapa cloth, to Elvis in an Aloha shirt. I’ll explore how the exchange of fabrics and fashions impacted both cultures, and the way in which the Pacific is perceived in the wider world. Day: 31 March 2019 Time: 1-2pm Where: New Zealand Portrait Gallery This talk is given in conjunction with the exhibition Edith and George: in our sea of islands. More information

NZ Sew & Eat Historical Retreat Food

The Sew & Eat Historical Retreat – the food

Aren’t you glad that the Otari Hoodie Sew Along is finished? First, it means that some of you have awesome hoodies that you can wear.  And second, it means that I can stop blogging hoodie instructions, and go back to blogging about random historical things, and whatever else I’m working on. Right now, the ‘random historical things’ means catching up on all the stuff I haven’t been blogging about while I was hoodie-ing, starting with the Sew & Eat Historical Retreat. I promised menu details in my first post, so here is more information. The real credit for the menu and cooking goes to Nina, who put together all the more spectacular and involved items, most of which I would never dare attempt*.  Hopefully she’ll blog more details about her food, so mine will be a briefer overview. I didn’t manage to photograph everything, as I got too excited about actually eating things, and just having fun. Friday Dinner: ‘Malaga-tawnee Curee’ with potted hare Friday’s dinner was based on two extent Regency curry recipes (one belonging …