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Felicity the sewing cat

Songs for Felicity

Being a confirmed crazy cat lady I sing to my cat.  She doesn’t appreciate it (if you heard me sing you wouldn’t appreciate it either). Doesn’t stop me though. Obviously I customise the songs just for Miss Fiss. Sometimes I croon the old hits: I will be your hero kitty I will feed you all the food I will cud-dle you forever You can catch my mice for me Sometimes I get carried away with the possibilities of a really bad pun, and update the newest chart topper: 17 inch frame, RATs along her back When she calls your name, you know she’s wanting snacks… She told me she was out of food, but when I checked her bowl it was all a ruse… She told me she wanted pets, but when I touched her tum all I got was bites… We don’t talk about gatto, meow meow meow… Oh, we don’t talk about gatto…   (look at that magnificently unimpressed face.  She’s so adorably offended). And then sometimes I go back to the old …

The Biggest Scroop Patterns Sale of the Year!

Hey hey!  Happy news! Just in case you missed the notifications elsewhere, all downloadable PDF Scroop Patterns are 25% off this week! The discount is applied automatically at checkout: no need to do anything! The sale ends Monday 29 November, 11:59pm, NZ Time  (remember that’s Sunday for most of the rest of the world). Happy shopping, happy sewing!