1. Jane Smith says

    This gown is one of my favorite styles, though the tiny waists on original gowns seem to suggest that the corsets needed were even more uncomfortable than those in the 1800’s. The “S” curve was alluring but I have to wonder how long the average woman could sustain it!

    • I know this was nine years ago but if you’re still wondering, here’s the answer: the corsets were not tighter. the waists were not smaller. there was a metric fuckton of padding and ruffles at the bust and at your bum. honestly if anything these corsets are more comfortable because the padding is so integral to the silhouette. Also, the photos with the very tiny waists (think Camille Clifford!) are usually photoshopped (by the original edwardians, not by modern people using actual photoshop). On the offchance you see this, hope it helps lol.

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