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Reticule thedreamstress.com

A sparkles and tassels reticule

November’s Historical Sew Fortnightly challenge was Purses & Bags – and, despite everything else that was going on, I managed to make a thing!   It did take me more than a month though.  I started it at our Historical Retreat (we tried to cram reticule making and bonnet making into one weekend – and of course finished neither), and didn’t get it done until the first Wednesday in December. I was inspired by the shape of this reticule from LACMA: And the decorations of this bag from MFA Boston: I used my gilt linen of doom: the stuff I used for these stays, and this pair of bodies (which were one of my entires for the very first Historical Sew Fortnightly – back when it was still fortnightly!) – and I still have a couple more metres of it to go! Because I was sewing sequins as decoration, I decided to line the reticule, to keep the knots and thread from catching on whatever I put in the bag.   I used a blonde habotai …

NZ Sew & Eat Historical Retreat Food thedreamstress.com

The Sew & Eat Historical Retreat – the food

Aren’t you glad that the Otari Hoodie Sew Along is finished? First, it means that some of you have awesome hoodies that you can wear.  And second, it means that I can stop blogging hoodie instructions, and go back to blogging about random historical things, and whatever else I’m working on. Right now, the ‘random historical things’ means catching up on all the stuff I haven’t been blogging about while I was hoodie-ing, starting with the Sew & Eat Historical Retreat. I promised menu details in my first post, so here is more information. The real credit for the menu and cooking goes to Nina, who put together all the more spectacular and involved items, most of which I would never dare attempt*.  Hopefully she’ll blog more details about her food, so mine will be a briefer overview. I didn’t manage to photograph everything, as I got too excited about actually eating things, and just having fun. Friday Dinner: ‘Malaga-tawnee Curee’ with potted hare Friday’s dinner was based on two extent Regency curry recipes (one belonging …

Sew & Eat Historical Retreat thedreamstress.com

The 1st Annual* NZ Sew & Eat Historical Retreat

This time last year, when I realised that I couldn’t afford to go to Costume College 2018, I sobbed** about it to some friends, and the amazing Miss Priscilla said “Awww, we’ll throw a New Zealand CoCo for you”. Which is a pretty amazing offer considering that Priscilla isn’t a historical costumer! In wonderful synchronicity, Nina of Smash the Stash had had me bring back a bunch of Regency sewing patterns from CoCo 17 so she could make a Regency wardrobe, and she started holding monthly historical sewing get-togethers. So once a month for all of 2018 Nina, Priscilla***, Eloise of Linen and Lining, and Hvitr of Historical Living (and sometimes Madame O) have been getting together and working on historical sewing projects, and planning a reason to wear what we were working on.  And our reason, while not quite NZ CoCo, was wonderful and lovely (and maybe even better). We settled on a Labour Day Weekend sewing and dress up retreat, and found an adorable cottage on a beautiful estate just an hours drive from Wellington …