Portfolio: 1871 Pink Extravaganza Afternoon Ensemble

The Idea and Inspiration:

A dress based on Janet Arnold’s 1871 afternoon dress with detachable gilet pattern.   The dress was inspired by a lucky find of lots of reasonably period accurate pink fabrics at a very reasonable price.

The outfit was also intended to capture something of the mood and silhouette of the dress in Renoir’s Woman with an umbrella and a child, 1873, without being a direct replica.

Fabric and Materials:

Rose pink sateen, coral pink striped sateen, and cranberry red silk.   Plastic boning, metal hooks to fasten, decorative vintage buttons on bodice and overskirt.


Mauve corset

1870s bustle based on an image in Corsets and Crinolines

Research and Resources:

Janet Arnold, Patterns of Fashion 1860-1940

Norah Waugh, Corsets and Crinolines

The Dress Diary:

Outfit overview

At the Capturing the Mode talk

A review of the pattern

A hat to go with it

A rainy day photoshoot

Posts featuring the dress on Sarah’s Livejournal:  http://dianavilliers.livejournal.com/

Leimomi and Leo

Looks like rain


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